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Last updated: July 26, 2019 | by Kean Graham

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As ad optimizers, we usually recommend that publishers should complement Adsense and AdX with other premium ad networks to increase the competition of your ad network market. Evolve Media is a great one to use throughout many verticals and we explore why below.

What is Evolve media?

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It is actually the parent company of  2 ad networks:

  1. Crave Online Media, and
  2. Totally Her Media

Why we love them?

Crave specializes in male-oriented content and targets English speaking countries. The Crave user interface does not allow you to make changes to the account yourself, so constantly adjusting min CPM’s and implementing passbacks via the ad rep/account manager is less efficient, however, they are very responsive.

Related Read: How to Create Passback URLs With CoffeeCup: 10 Simple Steps Reporting is something that they need to work on – their interface is quite inaccurate – but they more than makeup for it with their strong CPM’s and willingness to send you reports as often as you want in order for you to optimize accordingly.

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Often when you first implement an ad network, and CPM performance under delivers, they tell you that they need some time to optimize in order for the performance to increase. This is actually true for Crave. Their CPM’s have consistently performed very well when given some time to optimize – particularly with the 728×90 ad spot.

Just as Crave targets male-oriented content, Totally Her Media specializes in female-oriented content. Again, you must closely deal with the representative because their interface is not the most efficient. If you can tolerate that, and don’t mind emailed reports, they offer high CPMs and fairly high fill rates. They target all countries and often ask for exclusivity from their direct competitors (those that specialize in targeting female related sites). All in all, they add value to your website.

MonetizeMore offers a premium publisher plan by introducing high-performing ad networks into a publisher’s ad inventory.

If you would like to know more about how this strategy can boost your ad revenue, contact us here. You can also sign-up to Ad Exchange – the premium version of Adsense.

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