About MonetizeMore

See what makes MonetizeMore a leading voice in the publisher community and an established partner in the ad supply chain.

Our Background

MonetizeMore was founded in January, 2010 in Victoria, BC, Canada by Kean Graham. MonetizeMore began with the mission to realize the elusive opportunity on behalf of publishers: ad monetization. Many large publishers monetize their free content by simply placing Google AdSense ads directly on page. After that, you’re done right? Now to focus on the important aspects like building unique quality content, nurturing a community, SEO, direct sales and building new tech features. Out of all the aspects that were just mentioned, ad optimization tends to be the lowest hanging fruit in terms of immediate and sustained profit growth. MonetizeMore was able to prove this with the first publisher partner and many more success stories since.

Why does MonetizeMore perform better
than all the alternatives?

Approach: We tackle ad optimization from a different angle than any of the alternatives. We use a combination of proprietary manual optimization techniques and technology to achieve the best results. We optimize directly from your ad server and require 100% exclusive optimization access to your remnant ad inventory. This allows us to maintain direct publisher – ad network relationships and optimization flexibility while still using the power of our technology throughout our optimization process.


We pride ourselves on the team we have built and our rigorous training process that takes close to a year. If you are a premium publisher and you are given a dedicated ad optimization expert, you can be sure you are working with an expert with significant ad optimization experience and in-depth training. Our hiring process has no borders. We hire the best from across the world and the team is decentralized.

Pricing model

In order to align ourselves with your advertising revenue goals we offer performance-based pricing to give us an added incentive to deliver immediate value for your publishing properties. The fact that we are willing to begin agreements on a loss shows the confidence in our results. That means we also watch out for your users and even make necessary suggestions or connections to improve other aspects of your business that indirectly affect your ad revenues (e.g. Web server, SEO, fraud traffic suppression, paid traffic). MonetizeMore is much more than a simple ad operations vendor. We are an outsourced monetization partner that is willing to share the risk of your business to provide the massive upside of expert ad optimization.

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