What Makes Us Different?

We are excited to showcase that MonetizeMore was recently featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. Our executive team answered some great questions about ad optimization, monetization, and what sets MonetizeMore apart in our industry. Check it out!

Tell Us More About MonetizeMore?

We increase ad revenues for large ad monetized publishers that want an upgrade from Google AdSense.

How MonetizeMore went from 0 to 100?

CEO, Kean Graham explains his company scaling journey from 2010 to 2023.

Which businesses can benefit the most?

COO, Julio Monzon explains the types of businesses and publishers that can make the most money after partnering with us.

Is MonetizeMore appropriate for all size businesses?

A website should make at least a $1000 per month in ad revenue in order to work with us.

Are there any downsides to monetization?

Invalid Traffic (IVT) like bots & click spam lead to AdSense bans and revenue clawbacks for publishers. Our award-winning solution Traffic Cop detects & suppresses IVT.

How MonetizeMore helped 1,500+ publishers?

CEO, Kean Graham explains the main problems preventing publishers from maximizing their revenue. He also shares why MonetizeMore is the #1 solution for publishers.

What makes MonetizeMore different?

We offer transparency and ad inventory ownership while maximizing AdOps performance. Our cutting edge tech seperates us from the alternatives. Publishers get paid directly without any lock in contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore provides ad revenue optimization solutions by combining our proprietary Ad Ops platform PubGuru with exclusive techniques to best fit your business. With more than 11+ years of proven success in the industry, we bring the most reliable and valuable solutions to save you time and money.

PubGuru is our programmatic ad optimization platform that automatically increases your ad revenue even when you are sleeping.

Traffic Cop is our unique solution that can detect and prevent invalid traffic from interacting with your ad inventory. Consequently, it can reduce revenue clawbacks and help you avoid Google account suspensions/bans.

Am I eligible to join MonetizeMore?

If you earn at least $1,000 per month in ad revenue, you are eligible to work with us.

How much will my ad revenue increase?

Most of our publishers experience at least a 30% ad revenue increase.

Our Ad Ops experts work day and night to optimize your ad inventory so that you get the maximum ad revenue increase in the long haul.

We focus on long-term growth over short-term spikes.

How much control do I have over my website?

You will maintain full control over your website and ad inventory as we integrate our ad tech into your ad server. You do not even have to give up your DNS ownership. Plus, your team will get 100% transparency on how the ad inventory is performing.

How long is the minimum contract length?

While most of our publishers choose to have a 12-month contract with us, we offer a 30-day notice period to terminate the contract. We want to minimize the risk for publishers like you as much as possible.

I’m not a technical expert. Can I still join?

Absolutely, yes! We’ve built our platforms based on automation, easy integration, and actionable metrics. That means you do not need to know the technical details in order to utilize our ad tech for more ad revenue. Also, we have a team of 100+ Ad Ops Experts that are ready to support you 24/7.

Can I try before I join?

Yes, of course! After successful submission of the form at the bottom of this page, you will be taken inside our platform for a quick overview. Then, you can choose to request a product demo from there. Our experts will work with you on a plan to drive up your ad revenue as soon as possible.
**No credit card is required upon submission of the form.

MonetizeMore is a Google Certified Publisher Partner. What does that mean to me?

That means all our implementation to your website and ad inventory will fully comply with Google’s requirements regarding content policy, and business and technical practices. MonetizeMore has been carefully vetted by Google to ensure that we have an in-depth understanding of the publisher’s solutions. Also, we are committed to keeping your business and income safe within Google’s ecosystem.

A partner you can trust

We commit to delivering exceptional work to generate the best results for publishers like you. Your success is our success.



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4 steps & you're all set!

Step 1

  • Fill up the form below and hit submit.
  • You should land on a demo version of PubGuru, where our ad ops magic happens.
  • If you like what you see, just click the button “Get support” and one of our Ad Ops Consultants will reach out to you shortly.

**The buttons are everywhere so you won’t likely to miss it.


Step 2

  • Once you meet the requirements, our Ad Revenue Consultant will have a call with you to understand your pain points and opportunities to increase the ad revenue.
  • We will then finalize the Package and the Execution Plan.

**We will tailor the package and the plan according to the size and the needs of your business


Step 3

  • Our Ad Ops Engineer will proceed with the necessary setup and integration.
  • The Ad Setup is launched on your live website.

Step 4

  • Our Support Team will perform an audit of your site once the implementation is in place.
  • Afterward, we will continuously monitor the performance to identify the optimization opportunities to bring more revenue to you!

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