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How PubGuru® can help?

Optimize automatically

Bids are compared in real-time instead of you having to update ad
network priority levels every day.

Non-disruptive to your audience

PubGuru® utilizes machine learning and automated layout testing to
select the optimal ad with the highest price possible.

100% Transparency & ownership

There’s no need to transfer your DNS hoping that the data is accurate.
We install our tech onto your ad server and leave total control to your team.

AI-powered Header Bidding

Automate your header bidding and easily scale your bids to billions of requests per day.

Unified Reporting

Integrate with 50+ ad networks and compare the performance of your bidders across each ad network.

Invalid Traffic Protection

Block invalid traffic from clicking your ads using our machine-learning and finger-printing algorithms.

Customized Ad Ops

Get exclusive tweaks for your ad account to maximize your ad revenue with our team of industry experts.


PubGuru® delivers data-driven reports about profit attribution, discrepancies, data privacy, etc which will help you make more profitable content.


Profit Attribution

We understand the modern content distribution needs of publishers. With our revenue attribution software we can map your audience development campaigns by UTM and measure the value of that user session to help you understand which campaigns are profitable.

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Discrepancy Report

With our 50+ ad network connections, you can proactively monitor your advertising partners for revenue discrepancies by measuring your GAM Revenue data against Ad Network Revenue data to keep your ad networks honest and detect potential ad setup issues.

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Smart Notifications

Keeping your ad stack performing at it’s best is a 24/7 job. There’s so many integration issues you can run into and it can be overwhelming. We built a real-time notification system and Chrome Extension that will analyze your ad stack, help you troubleshoot & make recommendations for what to test next.

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Page RPM Increase 28%

Since we started working with MonetizeMore, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our page RPM by 28% and have loved the clear communication between our teams so we can understand the optimization tests we’re running on our publishing property.

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