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How Does PubGuru® Work?

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programmatic RPM performance.

Benefits You Need

See what separates PubGuru® header wrapper technology from other solutions.


One of the core benefits of working with PubGuru® is our unified reporting interface. This gives you the revenue transparency you need from your demand partners and helps your team build an optimized ad inventory. PubGuru® plugs directly into your DFP account then runs header auctions to compete with your managed demand partners.

Minimal Management

Once PubGuru® header bidding is setup, it optimizes automatically. Bids are compared in real-time instead of you having to update ad network priority levels every day. Sit back and watch header bidding maximize the value of each of your ad impressions.

Top Performance

Our PubGuru® header bidding wrapper technology sets itself apart from the competition. We provide the fastest bid responses, custom adapters for each header bid network, auto bid scaling, and machine learning to maximize bid value. With PubGuru® header bidding running on DFP vs. AdX and managed demand, you can rest assured that every ad impression is receiving the highest price.

“Over the time we’ve worked together, MonetizeMore have proven themselves to be a solid, reliable partner whom we’ve been able to count on to take our ad revenue to the next level. They have championed our valuable ad real estate to get the most out of it, increasing our earnings by up to 65%.”
Leon Ho

CEO of Lifehack,