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“Kean and his team have quickly become key players in our overall revenue optimization strategy. They’re fast, responsive, pro-active, and most importantly good at what they do. Please don’t hire them because they’re ours!”
Aaron Coles

Executive Director,

“I’ve been watching this team at work for the past week, and I have to say – they are really good. Top-notch professionals. The back-end has been completely gutted and reworked properly, and the advertisements/networks have been majorly reshuffled as well.”

Before outsourcing to MonetizeMore, we used to spend a lot of time negotiating with separate advertisers, calculating and comparing what’s best. Luckily, MM has taken all the monetization process into their hands, giving us more time to focus on what’s most important – our own website. MM has attracted premium advertisers and increased our earnings by 87%.”
Tomas Banisauskas


Since we started working with MonetizeMore, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our page RPM by 28% and have loved the clear communication between our teams so we can understand the optimization tests we’re running on our publishing property.

MonetizeMore helped to increase my Ad Revenues almost immediately. Through their 24 Hour Support Team and fast service we were able to implement the Google AdX Tags quickly and easily, increasing our Ad Revenues significantly and we continue to work with them to this day.
Pinkal Patel

“We chose MonetizeMore because we deeply believe independence is the key to digital advertising and wanted to be in control of our future. With MonetizeMore’s publisher technology, Page RPM increased by 129% in programmatic. Their team is expert at getting the most out of our GAM setup and give us full revenue transparency.”
Jonathan Clarke

CEO of MonkeyMedia,

“So far MonetizeMore ad optimization team has delivered in every way, easily surpassing our most optimistic expectations. They have been a pleasure to work with and we are seeing a very healthy ROI on this relationship. NET RPM increased 61.3% compared to our yearly average before working with them, and NET Revenues increased 54.8% compared to the same time period. There is no doubt that turning over the day-to-day management of our ad inventory to MonetizeMore”s team of experts has been the right move for our business.”

Founder & Chief Community Advocate,

“Before we came to MonetizeMore, we had been running a basic setup with AdSense hardcoded on MapasApp. The performance on AdSense was starting to drop and we knew it was time to take our monetization strategy to the next level. We knew about MonetizeMore through their incredibly helpful instructional videos and in-depth guides. After working through integration with their knowledgeable account setup team the new monetization setup has outperformed our expectations and given us a 72.6% Page RPM increase. We can’t recommend MonetizeMore enough, their combination of technology and account management have helped us reach our monetization goals.”

Founder and CEO,

“Who isn’t afraid of a competitor or malicious person sending fake traffic to your site, or even getting invalid ad clicks? With that in mind, we contacted MonetizeMore not only to find a solution, but to further increase our profits. They offered us Traffic Cop, it brought us peace of mind, as we received excellent feedback from Google after, and they also implemented an advanced setup to improve site earnings, with excellent short-term results and great future expectations, so we could go much further and surpass the obstacles that were once holding us back.”
Ricardo Barth

Owner & Founder,

Video monetization is a large monetization opportunity for Dynamite Digital Media and we needed to work with an established company to deliver results. We partnered with MonetizeMore’s Video Ad Ops team because of their depth of knowledge with Google Ad Products and their in-house monetization technology. They’ve completely revamped our video ad stack and are delivering a significant 50% increase to our Video CPM metric, at competitive fill rates. They are simply the best when it comes to delivering sky high Video CPMs on Tier-1 traffic geos.

MonetizeMore is in constant communication with our team, coordinating new tests, daily revenue, etc which puts our minds at ease. The Ad Ops team is available round the clock to answer all of our questions, have regular performance review calls and also help optimize performance even on low traffic days. All in all MonetizeMore has added immense value & incremental revenue to our video operations here at Dynamite Digital Media within just 6 months of starting Video Monetizing with them.

At the outset, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Priyanka & Sarika from Video Ad Ops team, who’ve been working really hard on delivering far better CPMs than promised on our entire video inventory. They have gone leaps & bounds to get more demand partners on board without compromising ad quality or CPMs. We are once again grateful to the entire Video Ad Ops Team at MonetizeMore, and we look forward to continue and grow our association further with you guys.


DYNAMITE DIGITAL MEDIA | MonetizeMore Video Monetization,

“After multiple dead ends and getting the runaround from Google Support (for over a month), I found MonetizeMore via Twitter. They went out of their way to help me, even though I’m not a paying customer. Their kindness and responsiveness will not be forgotten.”
Gail Matsushima

How did you become involved with MonetizeMore?

I was introduced to the owner of MonetizeMore through one of my employees.

What problem were you looking to solve?

We were trying to monetize our two sites and

What were you doing previously?

We were self managing ads using adsense.

How did we approach that initial 30 days after partnering with MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore did a full audit of our sites, identified positions for ad insertions, working with me to get ads correctly inserted, and then quality assurance tests to make sure they worked and they were monetized correctly.

What did we do to get you started?

MonetizeMore sent me page mockups and ad insertion codes to insert on my site.

How long have you been working with MonetizeMore?

Since the beginning of April.

What have we accomplished together? IE What are some of the long-term growth goals (6 months, 12 months) we’ve helped you reach?

We’ve grown ad revenue by something like 3-400% and also not had any policy violations regarding ads.

If you could talk to a prospective publisher what would you tell them about working with MonetizeMore?

The pros, the cons, etc
MonetizeMore does a great job identifying growth opportunities, implementing your ad strategy, and keeping an eye on things to ensure your site maximizing ad revenue.

Joel Borchardt

Founder/Owner of ,

“Our transition to MonetizeMore couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The team understood our business and goals and did everything they could to help us get up and running/ We ran a side-by-side comparison of average revenue per visitor against our previous partner, and after accounting for the difference in revenue share MonetizeMore came out ahead by around 10%.

We’re more than happy to keep working with MonetizeMore.”


“I couldn’t be happier with MonetizeMore’s Mobile App Division! When I came to them, I was getting swamped with ad serving issues and lining up different monetization tests. They have years of in-depth experience with Google Ad Manager and their team took over the ad mediation process for our mobile inventory here at PlantSnap. They consistently deliver against our ad revenue goals and have increased our revenue by 45% over the past 11 months. With a partner like MonetizeMore, I can focus on growing our audience and know my ad inventory is in good hands.”
Eric Ralls

CEO/Founder of PlantSnap ,

“Working with MonetizeMore has been a transformative experience for my company. They helped to increase my overall revenues by over 180% and I have entrusted them with 2 of my larger projects. The team is very responsive, experienced and helpful in achieving my ad ops goals. I look forward to growing my business further with this team!”
Zeeshan Shahid

“After working with MonetizeMore for 6 months we have seen average page RPM increases of 40% on top of our already intricate ad optimization setup and substantial ad revenues. They charge solely on performance because they really do drive results.”
Maor Davidovich

VP Digital & Business Development,