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MonetizeMore Affiliate Partner Program

Recurring commissions with a 15% payout

Want to work less and make more money? Partner through the MonetizeMore Affiliate Program and earn monthly commissions for bringing in new publisher clients.


How It Works


Join The Program

Submit your application through our affiliate platform. After signing up, you will be given your custom referral link and dashboard.


Promote MonetizeMore

You'll be given your unique referral link and access to your dashboard with marketing material. Share your referral link on social media, in emails, blogs, websites, or simply with your friends & family.


Earn Commissions

Earn a commission for every referral that signs up using your affiliate link, integrates, and starts working with MonetizeMore.

Our Publisher Community

Program Overview

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    15% Commission Rate

    The commission you will receive is 15% of the net revenue that MonetizeMore earns from your referred publisher during their first year of using our platform.

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    60 Days Cookies

    Not every visitor will convert right away. Our generous cookie window ensures that you don’t lose any conversions.

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    No Limit On How Much You Can Make

    You will get a commission on every publisher you refer to MonetizeMore who starts using the platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

MonetizeMore Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions for any customers you refer to the MonetizeMore platform. Joining the program allows you to give value to your audience while creating new revenue opportunities for your business.

It’s simple. On joining the affiliate program, you will be given a unique “referral link”. Share this referral link in content such as blog posts, webinars, and emails to recruit potential customers on behalf of MonetizeMore. Your referral link contains a unique tracking ID so that prospects who sign-up using your link can be traced back to you.

Nope! Signing up and participating as a MonetizeMore affiliate is completely free.

It will be great if you use MonetizeMore yourself, but you are not required to be a MonetizeMore customer to be a part of the affiliate program.

You will earn 15% of a publisher’s ‘MonetizeMore Earnings’ (net revenue we make from that publisher) for the first year of their engagement using our platform. You will be eligible for your first commission 30 days after the publisher goes live with MonetizeMore.

No! There is no limit on the amount of commissions you can make. You can recruit as many sites as you want! You will get a commission on every publisher you refer to MonetizeMore. However, the minimum threshold for payment is $50 with at least one conversion.

A conversion occurs when a publisher starts generating revenue through MonetizeMore’s platform. In order to work with us, a publisher must sign-up using your referral link, and then start using the platform. As soon as the publisher starts receiving revenue through their MonetizeMore account, you will start earning commissions.

Your conversions are tracked using your referral link. Each referral link contains a unique tracking ID and cookie so that your referrals can be traced back to your MonetizeMore affiliate account.

If a potential MonetizeMore user clicks on your referral link or asset, they are redirected back to our website. From there, if they sign-up and start using MonetizeMore, you will get a commission for the conversion.

An asset are items that you can use to educate people and promote MonetizeMore products. Instead of just using a referral link, you can use assets like a “banner” or “text link”. Your conversions will still be tracked the same way as when you use a referral link.

You can access the assets in the MonetizeMore Affiliate Program. You will be given a code that you can paste on a webpage to display a banner or text link promotion.

Here are some keywords you should target when creating content to promote MonetizeMore – “ad optimization”, “increase ad revenue “, ad testing”, “adsense revenue”, etc.

To find more keywords with high traffic potential, use Google Trends to find out the popular searches in regard to online advertising and boosting ad income.

Unfortunately, you will only get credit for a conversion if someone signs up and starts using MonetizeMore for the first time. Our affiliate program is for recruiting only new customers. For that reason, if someone starts using MonetizeMore again after taking a break, you will not be eligible for a commission.

The landing page is where potential publishers are redirected to after they click on a referral link. By default, prospects are redirected to where they can sign-up to the platform and also learn more about MonetizeMore.

Being an affiliate of MonetizeMore involves the responsibility of sharing accurate information and complying with our company’s legal guidelines. There are also some restricted activities should take note of if you want to take part in the MonetizeMore Affiliate Program:

  • You cannot promote MonetizeMore on gambling websites, websites that promote defamatory/violent/adult/hateful content, or any content that is inappropriate or offensive.
  • You cannot share incorrect or misleading information about MonetizeMore trials or discount offers.
  • You cannot send emails to lists that you do not have permission to send to because that is spam.
  • You will not get commissions for self-referrals. You are also not allowed to refer companies that you are employed to or receive a commission from.
  • You are not allowed to engage in behaviors or marketing practices that are abusive, fraudulent, or harmful to MonetizeMore or the affiliate program.
  • You may not state or create the impression that you are our exclusive partner and/or official reseller.

Joining the MonetizeMore affiliate program is fast, easy, and free of cost. Are you ready to partner with us?