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Take your Ad Optimization to the next level

Actionable Ad Revenue Platform

Compare your ad revenue across ad networks, web pages, and UTMs including source, campaign, and medium. Identify revenue discrepancies and take action with our smart recommendations to consistently optimize your publishing business.

Premium ad networks via MonetizeMore

Access to Premium Ad Networks

Get access to our exclusive Premium Ad Networks partnerships and expand the reach for your ad inventory. MonetizeMore will get better revenue shares and payment terms, save you time and get you access to exclusive ad networks that require billions of ad impressions per month.

Full Ad inventory ownership and transparency

Full Ad Inventory Ownership & Transparency

Don’t worry, we’ve built our tech to integrate with all your accounts. There’s no need to surrender to black box tech by replacing your accounts with ours, transferring your DNS and hoping the data is accurate. Instead, your team keeps control, gets verifiable data without compromising on performance.

Long term RPMs

Increase Long-term RPMs

We combine cutting-edge ad technology with best-in-class optimization techniques to deliver a better experience for your website’s users instead of burning their eyes with tons of irrelevant ads. This shall result in a more sustainable increase for your RPMs. Our tech helps you achieve growth but we also protect for the unexpected. We insure 90% of your header bid revenues in the event of upstream insolvency.

Traffic Cop Goole Innovation Award

Google Innovation Award 2020

Traffic Cop utilizes advanced machine-learning and fingerprinting algorithms to fight ad fraud and protect publishers’ ad inventory. The technology acts as a security gate that prevent invalid traffic from seeing the ads and making invalid clicks. This help to reduce revenue clawbacks, prevent ad account bans and increase the chance of getting accepted into premium ad networks, for publishers.

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Page RPM Increase 87% World Traffic Rank Top 500

“​​Before outsourcing to MonetizeMore, we used to spend a lot of time negotiating with separate advertisers, calculating and comparing what’s best. Luckily, MM has taken all the monetization process into their hands, giving us more time to focus on what’s most important – our own website. MM has attracted premium advertisers and increased our earnings by 87%.”


Tomas Banisauskas Founder of BoredPanda.com

200+ Ad Tech Professionals

We pride ourselves on our team of innovative ad ops leaders who are willing to go the extra mile for your publisher business. In fact, we have been increasing ad revenue for thousands of publishers in over 40 countries over the last 10 years. We take pride in being able to work closely with our publishers, develop long-standing relationships and deliver a high-quality experience.