Welcome to the Learn2MonetizeMore Video Series!

What’s in store for you at Learn2MonetizeMore?

Be empowered in your quest to optimize and get the most out of your ad inventory!

The Learn2MonetizeMore video series aims to teach all publishers how to setup DFP and work on more advanced optimization strategies.

Once you sign up and get approved by Ad Exchange, you gain free access to all the Learn2MonetizeMore video tutorials (both beginner and advanced lessons) through your very own publisher dashboard.

The videos cover the following topics:

  • Step-by-Step DFP setup
  • Ad Exchange tutorials
  • Advanced DFP optimization
  • Google Publisher tools
  • Navigating the MonetizeMore Dashboard

The complete series of the Learn2MonetizeMore videos is available for Adx-approved users.

Selected beginner video tutorials are available via the MonetizeMore blog.

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