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Programmatic Advertising
Last updated: August 7, 2020

This post was most recently updated on August 7th, 2020

We work with hundreds of publishers and know a lot of them wants to get into Programmatic with the right mindset and strategies. Our premium publishers enjoy the expert management of our ad ops team, but that doesn’t mean you can stop learning about programmatic. In fact, we encourage publishers to understand how this rising trend affects their ad repvenue.

In today’s post, we will delve into the ultimate list of programmatic advertising trends in 2017 that Publishers should watch out for.

Budgets will increase for programmatic

Programmatic is the fastest-growing channel in the entire digital advertising ecosystem. Needless to say, the budgets dedicated for them grows in parallel. eMarketer predicts that in 2017, total ad spend for programmatic display will comprise 58% of the total trading market. Advertisers are seeing the value to a more democratic, automated buying, rather than direct selling. Publishers benefit because they can sell inventory at scale (i.e.automated selling) and is now able to accommodate a variety of demand sources. Because programmatic ad spend will increase, so as the publisher’s opportunity to earn more from ads.

Adoption of multi-device programmatic

In this modern age, people are omni-present in multi-devices. Users are not glued to their desktops to consume content. Hence, marketers have adopted a multi-device programmatic strategy in their campaigns. For the publisher, this means more ad revenue generated when you open up to programmatic selling of your inventories for various channels. Video programmatic, in particular, comprises 60% of the total US ad spending. That in itself poses an opportunity for publishers to optimize their video inventories.

The rise of mobile programmatic campaigns

As users are omni-channel, it is needless to say that mobile is a popular device we are all into. Mobile activity has surpassed desktop in 2015, and we have seen the shift in the ad budgets in favor of mobile. From Econsultancy, they’ve shown data that 71% of  Q1 mobile programmatic transactions were made up by smartphones, up from 59% in Q4. Mobile proves to be a more engaging medium versus desktop, reaching people to be engaged 24/7.

Header Bidding is in, Waterfalling is out!

As we have predicted, we’re all saying goodbye to waterfall passbacks. No more daily auditing of bid history, and losing impressions in the process because of the several layers put up in your inventory. The better alternative this 2017 is header bidding. It a level ground where buyers can bid all at once in the auction, and the highest bidder wins. Prices are usually set high, hence the revenue benefit to the publisher. The advertiser on the other hand, gets a fair chance on premium inventories. This all takes place using the programmatic method – not manual.

Ad Blockers will consider relevancy and user-experience

Ad blocker installation has started to dip because the creators knew we can’t get rid of ads altogether. It is what makes the Internet work. Now, ad blockers are beginning to shift to relevancy and user experience. Ads that are not intrusive and relevant to the user are allowed to be displayed. Big publishers like Facebook have offered tools to bypass ad blockers.

Ad Targeting presents more personalization options

In 2017, ad targeting will be more sophisticated. In retargeting, for example, advertisers will have more insights to user-behavior, and what moves them to convert. At the same time, alternative personalization options like IP and location-targeting will be made more available. Ad tech will be more data-driven. Partner this with Programmatic, and campaigns will be much more successful for the benefit of advertisers and publishers.

This year, we see a lot of advancement in ad tech as Programmatic becomes the technology of choice among buyers and sellers. It is good to be on the lookout for emerging trends in order to get the most out of your premium inventories.

If you need help doing Programmatic selling, contact one of our ad ops specialist and we can help you get on board with our Premium Publisher program.

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