25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase

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Last updated: March 13, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2024

Choosing the Right Ad Network: Your Guide to Maximizing Revenue

Finding the highest paying ad network can feel overwhelming. Should you stick with Google AdSense, explore niche networks, or maybe try 2 to 4 ad networks all at once? The right choice depends on your traffic, your niche, and what kind of ads you want to display.

Don’t forget to Consider

  • Ad formats: Want classic banner ads, video ads, or something unique like native ads or slider ads? Not all networks support every format.
  • Traffic source: Do you get tons of mobile app traffic or mostly desktop? Choose a mobile ad network if a lot of your visitors are on phones.
  • Payouts: Networks have different minimum payment thresholds (how much you need to earn before getting paid) and payment schedules.
  • Support: Need a lot of help getting set up? Some networks offer dedicated account managers while others are more self-serve platforms.
  • Targeting: Do you want simple contextual ads or the ability to fine-tune your audience targeting?

Beyond Google: Other Popular Ad Networks to Explore

While Google AdSense is a great starting point for many publishers, there’s a whole world of ad networks out there. Here are a few worth checking out:

  • Networks for Specific Niches: Some networks specialize in certain types of content (e.g., tech, gaming, etc.). These can be great if your website content is very focused.
  • Video Ad Networks: If you have lots of video content, these networks help you monetize it effectively.
  • Networks with High Payouts: Some networks are known for paying publishers well but might have stricter traffic requirements.
  • Affiliate Ad Networks: Like promoting certain brands or products? Affiliate networks can help.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some of the ad networks mentioned below to find the best mix for your site. The most successful publishers use a combination to maximize their revenue!

If you’d like to fast forward to a list of top publishers ad networks that would be the best fit for your site and vertical, sign up to MonetizeMore today!.

The Best Ad Networks for 2024 include:

1- Google AdX

2. Kadam

3. AdMaven

4. TripleLift

5. Microsoft Ads

6. PubMatic

7. OpenX

8. Criteo

9. Amazon Publisher Services

10. Yahoo Ads

Check out the remaining 15 best ad networks breakdown below:

1. Google Ad Exchange

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Despite the continued adoption of Header Bidding, Google’s Ad Exchange network remains the best demand source for publishers in 2024. It serves as the premium version of Google AdSense and includes many noteworthy features such as:

  • Preferred deals
  • Account-level filtering and blocking
  • Customizable reports based on publishers’ parameters
  • The ability to set your inventories as branded, semi-transparent, and anonymous
  • The ability to block vendors
  • Dynamic Allocation in Google Ad Manager

Its integration with Google Ad Manager enables efficient ad inventory management. Additionally, the network is known for its robust analytics helping publishers optimize their ad strategies effectively.

Keep in mind that if you’re a modest publisher (not generating millions of visitors per month), the reality is that you’re less likely to get an Ad Exchange account.

Don’t worry, though, since we are a certified Google partner; you can sign up to Ad Exchange with MonetizeMore to access this premium, popular ad network, special features, and most of all, the potential for higher CPMs.

2. Kadam

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

With Kadam, publishers are handed a map straight to the treasure. As a huge advertising network that prides itself on using the most modern technologies, Kadam offers a solid solution to all customer tasks, making it a tech wizard’s dream come true. With access to the most popular ad formats: Push, In page, In-app push, and popups, Native publishers have a veritable Swiss Army knife at their disposal.

This diversity allows for creative and flexible advertising strategies that can be tailored to any campaign’s needs, ensuring that messages not only reach but resonate with the intended audience. But Kadam isn’t: just about variety; it’s also about volume and precision. Boasting one of the highest traffic volumes in the market, the platform enables publishers to select their desired GEOs, launching campaigns that reach top-quality audiences.

This level of targeting is further refined by allowing publishers to zero in on their audience based on a myriad of parameters including platforms, countries and regions, ISPs, and devices. Coupled with its robust own and external anti-cheat systems, as well as a unique built-in analytics tool and its own DMP platform, Kadam provides a secure and insightful environment for publishers.

Replace your ad network with Kadam for 10 days, and if you don’t witness a 10% income growth, we’ll make up the difference.

3. AdMaven

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

AdMaven is a sophisticated ad network for publishers, offering a wide variety of high-end monetizing tools.

Here’s what they offer:

  • High-quality ad inventory: AdMaven offers publishers the confidence that the most relevant audience will see their ads. With advanced tools like push, pop-unders, content lockers, and interstitials, publishers can choose the best monetizing options.
  • Competitive CPM rates and over 2 Billion daily impressions worldwide that enable publishers to earn more money from their ad traffic.
  • Advanced targeting: AdMaven offers various targeting options, allowing publishers to target their ads to specific audiences.
  • Detailed reporting which allows publishers to track the performance of their ads.
  • AdMaven is easy to use, so publishers can start earning money from their ad traffic quickly and easily.
  • There’s no minimum traffic requirement to start monetizing.
Click here for more information about AdMaven!

4. TripleLift

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

TripleLift focuses on native ads, branded content, and branded video ad networks. They help publishers include native direct deals in their existing ad stack. Their in-feed native ads deliver engaging and respectful advertising experiences for your users.

They use their own proprietary technology to create ad placements for publishers that match the look and feel of each of their websites. The native ad framework offers a wide range of different ad formats such as image, scroll, cinematography, carousel, and more.

Click here for more information on TripleLift.

5. Xandr (by Microsoft Ads)

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Xandr, known for its strong presence in the ad tech industry, is considered a solid ad network for several reasons. Its advanced technology facilitates efficient programmatic advertising, making it easier for publishers to sell and advertisers to buy ad space. Xandr offers robust targeting capabilities, allowing for highly relevant ad placements that can lead to better engagement and higher conversion rates. Additionally, the ad network is recognized for its transparency and data-driven approach, providing valuable insights that help optimize ad performance. This combination of technology, targeting, and transparency makes Xandr a compelling choice for publishers and advertisers alike.

We only recommend Xandr for advanced publishers with a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising and the technology supporting it.

Click here for more information about Xandr’s publisher solution.

6. PubMatic

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

PubMatic offers a range of solutions to publishers with a focus on transparency and quality. They simplify the process of private marketplaces by helping publishers package, manage, and sell their premium ad inventory to advertisers.

They use advanced RTB technologies to increase competition and yield by connecting publishers to multiple demand partners across a variety of screen sizes. Additionally, they use ad quality tools to protect publishers from low-quality ads while improving user experience.

Click here for more information about PubMatic.

7. OpenX

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

OpenX is the blue chip of the advertising industry. They run a state of the art global programmatic market and can provide publishers access to first-rate advertisers – an excellent choice for premium publishers.

Moreover, their OpenX bidder is one of the leading header bidding solutions. They also offer a fully optimized mobile ad exchange, which boasts over 300 billion bids per month.

OpenX’s other solutions include a video solution for publishers called OpenX, OpenX programmatic direct with private marketplaces, and more.

Learn more about OpenX here.

8. Criteo

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

With Criteo’s Direct Bidder, publishers can maximize their ad revenue on both web and mobile devices by connecting to premium advertiser demand.

Criteo gives publishers access to over 20,000 global retail big-brand clients. Their direct bidder works with a wide range of ad units such as display, native, video, and some ad-blocked impressions.

Click here to find out more about Criteo.

9. Amazon Publisher Services (A9)

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Amazon publisher services or A9 Amazon associates offer publishers a cloud-based suite where they can access header bidding, a transparent advertising marketplace, and shopping insights analytics services.

The platform allows publishers to incentivize their revenue model, gain a better knowledge of their users, and improve the user experience.

Their marketplace helps publisher websites connect to Amazon ad inventories and via SSPs to ad buyers all over the web. This dramatically increases advertiser competition and revenue.

Amazon offers a simple reporting interface where publishers can experience transparent fee structures, auction-level reporting and see bidders compete equally.

Click here to find out more about Amazon Publisher Service.

10. Yahoo

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Yahoo’s ad network is renowned for its effective balance of transparency and scale, combining the openness of the internet with the extensive reach of a walled garden. It’s built on first-party data, offering future-proof identity solutions in a cookieless world. This approach ensures precise audience targeting, enhancing ad performance.

Yahoo has also evolved its ad tech to adapt to the changing digital landscape, focusing on user-centric solutions like email, search, and real-time media. This progressive outlook, combined with their established experience, makes Yahoo a solid choice for advertisers and publishers.

Click here to find out more about Yahoo Advertising.

11. Sharethrough

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Sharethrough is an omnichannel supply-side platform underpinned by advanced RTB tech & enhanced ad experiences. They are building a sustainable advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators, and app developers.

Their header bidding solution was one of MonetizeMore’s top performers in previous years and is expected to continue to be a critical addition to our list of digital advertising networks and partners in 2024.

They offer a very high CPM rate, resulting in positive growth for many of our premium publisher partners.

Click here for more information about the Sharethrough network.

12. 33across

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

33Across is an ad-tech company at heart that has a reputation for industry-high viewability of their online ads. Viewability has long since been a significant factor for publishers. As early as 2016, some advertisers started paying for vCPM or cost-per-thousand-viewable only.

They also offer standard ad formats for mobile, video, and other impactful non-intrusive ad units, as well as a header bidding solution. They focus on delivering easy-to-implement innovative ad experiences that are non-intrusive to users and drive high performance. With 33across, publishers can gain access to a wide range of premium global advertisers across all verticals.

When testing the 33-across advertising network in 2024 within your ad stack, evaluate how your ads are shown to your audiences since it inevitably impacts your ad revenue.

Click here to learn more about 33across here.

13. E-planning

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

E-Planning helps publishers connect to multiple demand sources on an international basis and improve the ad exchange process. They offer top-class services to publishers while being available for inquiries 24/7, paying on time, and serving brand-safe ads. Publishers can also gain access to the ability to run private deals with over 200 DSPs, further improving their ad revenue.

Find out more about E-Planning here.

14. Sonobi

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Sonobi offers publishers a suite called the JetStream Publisher Suite. Through this bundle of technology and services, publishers can effectively manage ad experiences for Fortune 500 advertisers. In other words, publishers can monetize, analyze, and build media solutions through Sonobi.

Using Sonobi, publishers can build relationships with ad buyers and create ad products that deliver the most engaging experience to their website audience.

If you want to manage and monetize your ad inventory indirectly or directly, JetStream is a great way to do so. It’s also easy to scale operations through a single integration across all media properties, which gives you better control.

Furthermore, publishers can also avoid unwanted fees from 3rd party vendors by managing demand partners directly.

Click here to find out more about Sonobi JetStream.

15. Sovrn

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Sovrn is an innovative programmatic network company that is continually seeking to help its publisher partners earn more. They provide industry-standard banners and offer a wide range of advertising types such as onScroll InView ads, VPAID, VAST video, and header bidding.

Besides previously mentioned features, they have their own set of premium advertisers that publishers can access to increase revenue and monetize their ad inventories.

Click here to sign up for Sovrn.

16. Taboola

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


Headquartered in NYC, Taboola provides ads like ‘Recommended for you’ & ‘Around the Web’ bars at the bottom of various online news blog posts. Taboola’s sponsored links on publisher sites redirect readers to websites or landing pages of advertisers and other networks.

Find out more about Taboola here.

17. Popads

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


PopAds is among the top paying ad networks specializing in popunders online. Their services are super fast, safe & transparent.

Find out more about PopAds here.

18. RevContent

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


Revcontent is a native advertising platform. It allows publishers to monetize their website easily & advertisers to drive traffic by various means. Revcontent’s traffic-driving tool is useful for brands, affiliate products, and advertisers as it does a decent job sending visitors to landing pages, articles, content, or special offers.

Find out more for RevContent here.

19. Infolinks

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


Infolinks is an exclusive advertising marketplace enabling ads with contextual intent targeting, and greater viewability across premium quality publisher ad inventory. It is a contextual ad network.

Find out more about Infolinks here.

20. Media.net

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Media.net is another global ad network with a comprehensive ad technology portfolio when it comes to display, search, native, products, mobile, and video ads.

Find out more about media.net here.

21. AdSterra

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Adsterra connects publishers and advertisers around the world, enabling them to boost their capital, improve their skills, and improve as programmatic professionals in the long term.

Find out more about AdSterra here.

22. Primis

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Primis has its video discovery technology tools used by tonnes of digital publishers globally, empowering around 350 million monthly uniques with engagement-based video experiences recommending organically viral video content that embarks users’ interests.

Find out more about Primis here.

23. AdBlade Ad Network

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


The AdBlade ad network offers result-oriented proprietary ad units, massive scale, distribution amongst tier-1 publishers, and innovative features for advertisers to confidently launch their brand & direct response campaigns.

Find out more about AdBlade here.

24. Vibrant Media

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


Vibrant ad networks deal with contextual marketing tools enhancing viewability for over 450 million monthly real users worldwide. Their publisher’s partnerships drive revenue growth and sustainable ad revenue without compromising on user experience.

Find out more about Vibrant Media here.

25. Undertone

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

Undertone crafts impressive ad experiences by curating solutions across CTV, video, rich media, and social media platforms. They merge the science & art of ad technology to create campaigns uplifting brands, advertisers, and publishers around the world.

Find out more about Undertone here.


Tips from MonetizeMore’s CEO, Kean Graham, for publisher success: What’s your programmatic revenue strategy for 2024?

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore

There’s no doubt that 2023 was a solid year for publishers. Header bidding continued to be a critical revenue factor, and ad blocking remained an issue. Many publishers had to prepare for GDPR, Facebook changed their traffic algorithms, and much more.

However, 2023 is over, and like most things in business and life, it’s best to look forward instead of dwelling in the past. Whatever type of results you experienced in your publisher’s business during 2023, whether good, bad, or mediocre, it’s best to learn from them and move on.

That’s why we’ve updated and improved our list of top ad networks once again – to help you realize your dream of publisher success.

As you already know, your ad revenue strategy in 2024 can make or break you. Remember to test new display ad networks, implement ad optimization techniques, and try out new partnerships.

How MonetizeMore Can Help?

  • At MonetizeMore, we help publishers realize their ad revenue potential.
  • We’re a leading Google Publishing Partner and have a suite of our own publisher monetization solutions that help our clients hit their revenue targets and solve their ad operations headaches.

While the above list includes the best-performing ad networks within our large publisher portfolio, many more exist. Some are very specialized and only perform well in particular verticals. Each site is a completely different story regarding the ad networks that perform the best, so customization is key!

If you’d like to get a customized list of ad networks for your site and vertical, sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today!

25 Best Ad Networks for 40X Ad Revenue Increase MonitizeMore


What is an ad network in display advertising?

An ad network connects publishers and advertisers (Via demand side platforms). Publishers join an ad network to monetize their traffic with display ads, and other ad types and advertisers access ad impressions to advertise their products and services.

What do ad networks do?

Ad networks connect publishers’ unsold ad inventory with advertisers or buyers and usually take a cut of the ad revenue. The ad network then helps the advertiser to target the correct audience on the publisher’s site.

Why are ad networks needed?

Ad networks simplify the process of ad monetization for publishers. Without ad networks, publishers would have to rely on direct sales to monetize their traffic with display ads. It makes it very easy for publishers to access a pool of advertisers looking to advertise products and services. They act as a marketplace and provides the opportunity to scale ad operations for both advertisers and publishers.

Is Google an ad network?

No, Google is a multi-faceted company that owns and operates many businesses. Google owns an ad network called Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. However, those are better known as ad exchanges.

Who are publishers in online advertising?

A publisher is either a business or individual which owns and operates a range of website platforms, apps, and social media accounts. Through these platforms, publishers generate traffic, build an audience, and then market various products and services to their audiences to monetize their content. They can monetize their content/platforms through display advertising, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and more.

Which is the best ad network for publishers?

It is difficult to say which ad network is the best for a publisher as each publisher's situation is different. Publishers have traffic from different geographical locations, verticals, user devices with varying levels of traffic quality. Some of the best ad networks we recommend include MonetizeMore, Google Ad Exchange, Facebook Audience Network, and Amazon Publisher Services. It's best to test different ad networks as well. Be sure to check the review of each network here to find networks that best suit your needs.

Which ad network pays the most?

Which ad network pays the most depends on a variety of factors, such as your vertical, traffic geolocation, traffic levels, and various other factors. What earns the most for one site isn’t necessarily the same for another. It’s best to test multiple ad networks to find out which pays the most for your site.

Can I use multiple ad networks?

Yes, you can run multiple ad networks. We recommend that you test different networks to determine which delivers the best RPM rates. When running header bidding, multiple ad networks ensure that auction competition increases. As a result, publishers earn higher ad revenue from their ads.

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