Where Are the Best Placements For Banner Ads?

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Last updated: September 6, 2021 | by Kean Graham
where are best placements banner ads

This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2021

An important thing to consider when thinking about how best to optimize advertising on your website is the best placements for banner ads. Where you place, how you position banner ads and the content of those banner ads can have a big impact on how many people look at your ads and click on them. You have to put yourself in the position of the user of the traffic you are targeting.  In order to increase your CTR (Click-Through Rates), it is important to consider these suggestions.

The first thing one must consider is ad placement and positioning. Where you place the ads is crucial to engaging users and achieving higher CTR’s. Ads that are placed close to content tend to be more successful than ads that are placed farther away from the content of the page, especially on the periphery. Heat maps of websites are good evidence of this.  Ads that are placed above the fold are usually much more successful than those that are placed below the fold. Essentially, what is initially viewable when the page loads, without having to scroll down gets a lot more of the user’s attention.

You must also think about the number of ads on your website. Now, this is an avenue where you can go seriously overboard. A website with too many ads is off-putting for users and for potential advertisers. Not many users will be interested in low content websites and find a large number of ads distracting. Also, advertisers may not like competing with a massive amount of other ads.

Another thing that’s important is to know your user, know what target you want to traffic. This is where doing research is absolutely essential. Decide who exactly you want to target and research that demographic. Advertising what suits their lifestyle; basically what ads would interest them is an important way to optimize your banner ads.

Ads that are animated can be useful for grabbing a user’s attention; however, it is important not to go crazy. Animated ads with automatic sound can come off as startling and irritating. If an ad does have sound, it is best to make it optional as to not alienate potential customers. You don’t want your website to be considered the website with annoying ads. Also, a powerful heading for your banner ads can be a useful way of grabbing a user’s attention and encouraging them to revisit your website. Also, interesting illustrations can grab a user’s attention, and an incentive for more information can make the user want to explore the offer further.

It is also important to consider the size of your banner ads. Larger sizes such as leaderboards (720×90) have been found to perform better since they tend to get prominent placement (header of the website) and stand more since they are larger. Other sizes that also tend to perform better are rectangles (300×250). Banner ads that are 486×60 tend to produce the worst results which may be because they are smaller than other ads and therefore are less noticeable and tend to be buried in content or since this size is the oldest size, users have gotten used to it and now ignore ads like these.

When thinking about the best placements and positioning for your banner ads there are many things to consider. Some essential things to consider include; ads placed above the fold and near content tend to be more successful. Also, one must know what target you want to traffic and also think about the content of the banner ads and what will grab the user’s attention. The size of the banner ads also plays an important role as larger banner ads tend to perform much better than the smaller sizes.

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