What is a Leaderboard ad?

What is a Leaderboard ad?

A leaderboard ad is one of the most popular and best-performing ad units available to publishers. It’s a rectangular ad unit measuring 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. This ad unit is also one of the standard IAB units that replaced the older and much smaller 468×60 banner.

It’s what is known as a high impact unit and is often placed at the top of the page to be seen immediately by the user when visiting the web page.

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The ad unit is popular among publishers and advertisers alike. The 728×90 leaderboard ad is one of the strongest performing ad units in terms of CPM, especially for tier 1 countries (USA, UK, CA, AUS, etc.). The ad has high viewability rates, especially when used at the top area of a web page. These ad units are often sold for sponsorship/private deals.

Expandable ads perform best with leaderboards as well, as their positioning alone allows the expansion to unfold in a more eye-pleasing manner compared to other placements.

While leaderboards are often placed above the fold, you can also utilize them to monetize areas below the fold. They won’t perform as strongly as the first leaderboard you put at the top, but they are useful for generating incremental revenue.

Keep in mind that when making deals directly with advertisers, below the fold placements are usually exempt and only above the fold leaderboards are included in the setup. Advertisers want ad locations that provide the best engagement rates among viewers.

Overall, the leaderboard ad unit is an essential ad unit when monetizing your site with display ads. The demand is strong, performance is high, and it can be considered to be a staple when strategizing your site’s ad layout.


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