Google AdSense is a great monetization program, but it’s not the only option out there. In fact, there are several AdSense alternatives that can be more profitable for your website. Today, we’re going to talk about one of those alternatives: MonetizeMore. So why should you choose MonetizeMore over Ezoic or any other AdSense alternative? Keep reading to find out!

The DIY vs DFY ads services conundrum

To put it simply, Ezoic offers DIY (do-it-yourself) ads software while MonetizeMore does the heavy lifting and offers DFY (done for you) ads services.

Ezoic will mess up/go offline if you treat it like a DFY Ads Service and its barebones support team will do little more than shrug their shoulders and handwave you off to their FAQ section.

However, if you are technically savvy and know a whole lot about AdOps, then Ezoic is not a bad option to invest in. If you’ve been in the programmatic ad-tech game for a decade, then improving ad revenue with Ezoic won’t be that hard.

The real problem with Ezoic, however, is their disconnected marketing, as they primarily target blogging newbies (i.e. people who don’t have much technical experience with blogging).  The stories of Ezoic slowing down websites – or even taking blogs offline – run rampant.

Which Google Certified Publishing Partner is best for Monetization?




MonetizeMore and Ezoic are leading Google Certified publishing partners and their main goal is to improve publishers’ ad revenue. However, each of them has its own unique characteristics.

Here’s the comparative analysis of both these ad-tech giants so that it becomes easier for you to pick the reigning winner.

Ezoic’s Specifications & Features

Ezoic claims to offer:

  • Advertising Tester (AD Tester): The tool allows you to run automatic multivariate testing of advertisements. A simple drag and drop method is used.
  • Artificial intelligence: It analyzes each user and selects the perfect combination of ads for website visitors. Using this data, the system provides you with different combinations of advertisements for different site visitors.
  • Layout tester: This allows you to test multiple site layouts and choose the one that works best for your users. Then you can further customize it.
  • Detailed traffic and revenue metrics.

MonetizeMore’s Specifications and Features

  • PubGuru Ad Inspector Chrome Extension: Troubleshoot your ad tags and scale your ad revenue.
  • PubGuru Platform: Sophisticated Reporting for Ad Operations & Yield Management.
  • Smart Notifications that analyze your ad stack.
  • Advanced Reports and Unified Revenue Reporting that covers all metrics like Ad RPM, Impressions, and revenue to stay on top of your partner’s daily bidding activity.
  • Revenue Discrepancy Monitoring to monitor your ad partners for revenue discrepancies by measuring your GAM Revenue data against Ad Network Revenue data to keep your ad networks honest and detect potential ad setup issues.
  • Traffic Cop: Detect invalid traffic in real-time and block it from serving.
  • Advertising and layout testers: You can try different ad serving options.
  • Full automation: The platform can take over all the advertising work. All you have to do is focus on creating quality content.
  • Nucleus-based patented technology: The most optimized and future-proof ad code system for publishers.


MonetizeMore has repeatedly received awards from Google for its publisher-first attitude, advanced and thriving ad technology, and paying publishers in one business day while its competitors take 14+ days to process payments.

Publishers’ best friend: MonetizeMore vs Ezoic


Let’s rationalize the two ad servers when it comes to publisher-friendliness:

User Experience: Many publishers regretted partnering with Ezoic with its disruptive website ad layout and user experience. MonetizeMore takes the win here, with its 200+ AdOps professionals team creating the highest paying ad layouts with smooth UX as an added bonus.

User Interface: Ad stack management is crucial for publishers and both the networks offer reporting dashboards to help save their time and keep them up to date. However, MonetizeMore’s PubGuru platform is easier to navigate and comes with an enhanced layout editor, revenue reporting metrics, etc.

Combatting AdFraud: Ezoic doesn’t provide any ad fraud-busting tool as of now and the publishers associated with them still have to deal with a never-ending influx of invalid traffic (IVT). MonetizeMore’s award-winning Traffic Cop not only combats invalid traffic on the publisher’s site but also detects & prevents ad fraud which is crucial these days for reduced revenue clawbacks and more eCPMs.

Payment Consistencies: MonetizeMore has never missed publisher payments and its payment processing is super-fast, while there have always been payment consistency issues with Ezoic and the inconsistency has increased since the pandemic and advertisers went bankrupt.

Header Bidding & reporting: Ezoic doesn’t have a header bidding platform & their reporting is pretty generic while MonetizeMore has its very own PubGuru Header Bidding Platform for mastering ad inventory & intuitive reporting dashboard that helps publishers monitor and diagnose ad revenue issues from DSPs.

Publisher Resources: Though Ezoic also has a comprehensive blog, for me it lacked the variety of topics and posting consistency. MonetizeMore comes with an updated Blog that covers A-Z publisher guides and ad-tech industry news.

They also offer courses for publishers that have Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager certification courses at affordable prices at: https://www.pubguruuniversity.com/courses.

Pricing & Transparency: MonetizeMore vs Ezoic

MonetizeMore follows a revenue-sharing model in which they charge a certain percentage of the revenue from the publisher’s total profit. On the other hand, Ezoic’s pricing is simply based on the publisher’s revenue slab.



Money withdrawal

The minimum payout for Ezoic is $20.

The minimum payout for MonetizeMore is $100.

Experience & Demand

MonetizeMore has worked with over 800 web publishers while Ezoic has worked with over 300 publishers.

MonetizeMore has worked with the best ad networks out there like AppNexus, Rubicon, Criteo, Google AdX, Appnexus, Offmedia, TripleLift, pubmatic, etc. Ezoic has some good ad network partnerships too but when it comes to flexibility with existing DSPs, MonetizeMore gets a better score.



Ezoic Ads severely affect Website Speed ❌

Publishers partnered with Ezoic have seen their website speed stoop to (20-30 scores) in mobile mode. After disabling Ezoic ads on their blog posts, they saw their website speed jump to 70+.

“Whenever I contacted Ezoic about this issue (or anything other issues) they just say Your site is fast. Believe in Ezoic. Our AI is making your site fast. You just don’t get to see it. Page insight tool can’t measure accurately. We use AI.” 

– Ezoic Partnered Publisher

Few publishers who tried the Ezoic premium ad program saw their website session duration and traffic drop more than ever. The ad placements they saw on their sites weren’t aesthetically pleasing and even degraded the overall user experience.

MonetizeMore doesn’t affect website speed performance and hasn’t had any publishers complaining about the same.

Minimum Requirements: MonetizeMore vs Ezoic

To get started with MonetizeMore, the primary basis is the revenue threshold of $1000 (i.e a publisher needs to make at least $1,000 in ad revenue) and 500,000 page views as the base level of pageviews to be accepted as a Starter publisher.

However, we don’t relate the $1,000 to pageviews as we’ve seen publishers generating $10k with 100k page views and, also $500 with 100k page views.

The publisher’s site also needs to comply with Google ad placement and content policies.

Ezoic has way lower requirements on pageviews and prefers websites with around 10,000 or more pageviews per month.

MonetizeMore vs Ezoic Performance A/B Test

We’re highlighting a monetization split test that was run on a publisher property that receives over 100 million page views per month. The A/B testing tool ran MonetizeMore ad tech on the first pageview version and Ezoic’s on the second pageview version. To make sure the test was legit, both versions had the same ads per page, ran on the same ad units and same pages.

The split test analysis used page RPM to compare the performance of each ad technology. The monetization test ran for a month.

The results below speak for themselves:



So, What makes MonetizeMore a better choice than Ezoic? We’re glad you asked! Here are the takeaways:

  •  We have more features and tools
  •  Our support is superior.
  •  We’re more transparent and always pay on time.
  •  We’re easier to use.

What’s the point of having a website if it takes forever to load? If your ad revenue is suffering because of Ezoic, consider switching to MonetizeMore. We can help increase your page speed and improve your ad revenue.

So, if you’re looking for an AdSense alternative, MonetizeMore is the clear pick. We specialize in helping website publishers increase revenue while keeping page speeds high. In fact, our average client sees a 36% increase in ad revenue!

Contact us today to learn more!

Kean Graham

CEO and Founder at MonetizeMore

Kean is the resident expert in Ad Optimization covering areas like AdSense Optimization, DFP Management, and third-party ad network partnerships. Kean believes in the supremacy of direct publisher deals and holistic optimization as keys to effective and consistent ad revenue increases.

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