AdSense invalid traffic examples

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Last updated: June 16, 2021 | by Kean Graham
AdSense invalid traffic examples

This post was most recently updated on June 16th, 2021

Are you looking for some invalid traffic examples to help you understand it better and possibly even prevent it? Although some types of invalid traffic types might be easily avoidable, others are much more difficult to prevent unless you use sophisticated technology to automate the process.

Here are some of the main examples:

  • Bots or automated tools clicking on your ads
  • Accidental clicks (this can be avoided if you don’t put ads too close to content or other clickable elements of your website)
  • Clicks from competitors or users repetitively clicking on your ads or other suspicious behavior such as repetitive mouse patterns.
  • Aggressive ad refreshes (avoidable with the right setup)

The fact is that any of these examples can be causing your invalid traffic issues. As mentioned, some factors like ad refreshes and accidental clicks are mostly avoidable, but for others, you need to get some outside help.

That’s why MonetizeMore has created Traffic Cop, the ultimate invalid traffic tool! We’ve realized that so many publishers struggle with invalid Traffic and inadvertently end up losing their ad accounts, often with thousands in AdSense ad revenue deductions.

Traffic Cop is an award winning tool even recognized by Google! It detects and prevents invalid traffic from seeing and clicking on your ads. It uses machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to keep your website safe from invalid traffic. It also enables you to do invalid traffic analysis.

Understanding AdSense invalid traffic examples is one thing. Sure, every publisher using AdSense should be aware of it. Protecting your AdSense account from it, something completely different. Don’t get left behind and wake up one day with the dreaded AdSense account ban because you did not protect your site against invalid traffic. Start using Traffic Cop today!

"NET RPM increased 61.3% compared to our yearly average before working with MonetizeMore, and NET Revenues increased 54.8%. There is no doubt that turning over the day-to-day management of our ad inventory to MonetizeMore's team of experts has been the right move for our business."


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