AdSense invalid traffic deductions and how to minimize them

AdSense invalid traffic deductions and how to minimize them

Have you ever experienced AdSense invalid traffic deductions? Chances are you have, even if you weren’t aware of it. It’s something every publisher works to minimize. Google makes invalid traffic deductions in real-time and during the finalization of earnings.

The reports AdSense publishers have access to in their AdSense dashboards only provide an estimate of ad revenue earned. At the end of the month, AdSense will make adjustments to earnings, make invalid traffic deductions and finalize earnings.

Your finalized earnings will look something like the example below. If you had any invalid traffic deductions, it will also show.

adsense payments screen

You can find out more about deductions AdSense makes and when they do so here.

What can publishers do about it?

Conventional wisdom might give you some general explanation on how to use only trusted traffic sources, not to click on your own ads, make sure your ads are placed in such a way that it results in accidental clicks. That’s all good and well, but that might not be enough.

What if the invalid traffic that lands on your site push you over the threshold Google is willing to accept and gets your AdSense account banned? If that happens, all the techniques mentioned above won’t matter at all.

Look, you need to have some kind of system in place that protects your ad account from invalid traffic. It’s the only way you can get ahead of future invalid traffic and protect your business.

With Traffic Cop, you can do just that! We’ve developed a tool that detects and protects your website from invalid traffic and minimizes invalid traffic deductions.

Traffic Cop uses machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to detect invalid traffic and block it from viewing and clicking on your ads.

Are you ready to minimize AdSense invalid traffic deductions and protect your AdSense account from getting banned? Sign up to Traffic Cop today!

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