Making the switch from SPM to MCM in 2024

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January 26, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

Publishers who access Ad Exchange demand through SPM are on the verge of transitioning.

Small and medium publishers could access Google’s Ad Exchange through MonetizeMore, allowing even a smaller group of advertisers to see their ad inventory.

MonetizeMore’s publishers have even benefited from other services, like revenue management, ad optimization, and others, in addition to AdX.

This complete guide explains what multiple customer Management (MCM) is in Google Ad Manager and how to avoid any loss in ad revenue while migrating from Scaled Partner Management (SPM).

What is MCM and What can I do with it?

Unlike SPM,  MCM provides publishers with direct access to Google Ad Exchange demand and authorizes MonetizeMore to manage the publisher’s ad inventory.

MCM allows you to display ads on inventory that you have been granted access to by your children. The parent can create orders and line items within their own Ad Manager account and target them to their own inventory, a child’s inventory, multiple children’s inventory or any combination.

The main types of access levels/Delegation types in relation to partner publishers are:

  • Managing Account
  • Managing Inventory

Let’s break down some facts about both the delegation types so that you can decide whether to pick Manage Account or Manage Inventory eventually.

Managing Account

By delegating Managing Account access to MonetizeMore, you give us direct access to monetize and manage all of your account’s ad inventory, but also:

  • Easily manage as well as monetize your account’s entire ad inventory.
  • Personal Google Ad Manager tags.
  • You get paid based on the revenue sharing agreement via Direct deposit, Paypal, etc.

Manage Inventory

  • Monetize a part of your ad space in your account or name without access to altering the Settings.
  • Ad Manager tags from the ad network partner.
  • Paid via MonetizeMore through online payment methods.

What should I choose?

The final decision to choose ‘Managing Inventory’ or ‘Managing Account’ depends on your current needs.

We recommend that you carefully consider the access level types as they will have a significant impact on your ad revenue.

From past stats, the ‘Managing Account’ delegation type looks more promising in the long term.

Do I get any benefits from Google MCM?

Apart from exclusive benefits like access to Google Ad Exchange & maximizing existing revenue opportunities, here are the Google MCM program’s other benefits:

  1. Additional assistance for preferred offers, & guaranteed programmatic offers, and direct programmatic offers.
  2. Access via Open Bidding to supplementary demand from equally popular Ad Exchanges.

Replacing SPM with MCM?

Although they have been useful for many years, the SPM does not provide complete clarity on the partner authorization level.

MCM will allow data to be transferred and available to publishers, leading to greater transparency and more useful and immediate reporting.

Publishers will also have more control over which parts of their inventory are to be managed by their network partners, as well as being able to use multiple partners at the same time.

Moving to this setup also has significant data privacy and security advantages.

Google normally refers to the relationship as a parent/child relationship, with the managing networks being the parents and the individual publishers being children.

Do I need to become an MCM?

If you’re currently using SPM, or if you want to start managing the inventory of a site that you do not own or operate, you must use MCM.

If you have one site that you are managing in Ad Manager and want to add a second domain that you own and operate, MCM will not apply.

Both the parent and their child(ren) must have an Ad Manager account, though it is not essential for the child to run any orders in their own account; if they wish, it can be handled in entirety by the parent.

Accounts must be in good standing, and the parents and children need a contractual relationship giving parents access to the child’s inventory.

Great, How do I get started with MCM?

Making the switch from SPM to MCM in 2024 MonitizeMore
Source: Google

Consider the below Scenarios:

(1)  You are new to MonetizeMore and want to get your hands on Google Ad Exchange asap!

(2) You are already partnered with MonetizeMore and want to learn more to make more money.

Regardless of the scenario, having a Google Ad Manager account is a must.

If you don’t have a Google Ad Manager account currently, just sign up for the same.

Need help? Sign up here.

Scenario 1:

Those who want to access Google Ad Exchange through a channel partner should ensure they are looking for a partner with an MCM-approved account, as not all SPM partners will automatically transfer into the MCM program.

As part of Google’s separate evaluation process, it assesses the performance of partners (specifically, their Google AdX Health Scores).

Ultimately, few selected channel partners turn into MCM partners.

Scenario 2:

Since you are already partnered with MonetizeMore:

  • Google will pay you based on the revenue share model you agreed to.
  • We manage the complete inventory of your Google Ad Manager account with full access provided to you as well. Optimization Work & configurations are managed with the same.
  • Enter the generated tag into your GAM account.


In short, MonetizeMore was able to fully operate the ad inventory of all of its SPM partners.

Nonetheless, Google Ad Exchange will always have an upper hand among top in-demand partners in the programmatic ad game.

If you want to skip the long waiting game, get in touch with us and we’ll do the heavy lifting on AdX demand.

We’ll also tweak the bidding competition on your ad impressions among exclusive Google Ad Exchange buyers & ensure that Header Bidding partners are competing with Google AdX one on one.

A+++++ Easily one of the best ad partners

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  • Profesionality 10/10
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