Top Video Ad Networks For 2021 – Publishers Increase Your Revenues With These Platforms

Top Video Ad Networks For 2021 – Publishers Increase Your Revenues With These Platforms

Video ads help advertisers deliver creative storytelling and connect with audiences. It’s no wonder why more advertisers are embracing video. In 2018 alone, revenue from video marketing reached over $27 billion.

video screen with video ads for websiteFor the US market, it’s estimated that video advertising spend will reach $32 billion in 2019. A report from AppNexus also indicated that programmatic video ad spend by device had a 58% mobile and 42% desktop split indicating that more video is consumed on mobile devices,

The fact is, video content and ads aren’t going away anytime soon. Why not cash in on the trend by adding video ads to your ad stack in 2021?

With video, you can tap into an additional source of income, more advertiser demand, and provide users with ads in a format they engage with.

Let’s take a look at some of the best video ad networks for 2021.

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Best video ad networks for 2021

1. Primis 7. Matomy
2. Smart Ad Server 8. Magnite
3. Xandr 9. Fyber
4. OpenX 10. Unruly
5. PubMatic 11. Verizon Media
6. Teads 12. Taptica


1. Primis


Primis logo

Primis is a video ad unit that offers video ad network capabilities. They deliver engaging video ads to users at the right time and the best ad locations to maximize RPMs and user experience. Their native ad unit does it all and is fully customizable to fit within your website.

Their video discovery engine uses contextual targeting, AI and audience targeting to utilize their video library and deliver the most relevant video ads possible for every user session.

By utilizing video ads through Primis you can deliver users with an alternative ad format that they love and earn high ad revenues!

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2. Smart ad server

smart ad server

With Smart Ad Server publishers run video ads through a unified ad stack and manage them through the same platform they run display ads. With their in-stream and out-stream video ad units, complexities of running video across multiple screen sizes are removed.

Since it runs on a unified platform, all demand sources can compete against each other, even video and display ads, to maximize yield for publishers.

Smart ad server also offers video formats for all screen sizes across desktop, mobile, and mobile apps.

Find out more about Smart Ad Server here.


3. Xandr (Previously AppNexus)


Xandr, is a leading AdTech company offering a wide range of publisher solutions. The Xandr publisher suite is an all-encompassing platform that provides SSP, Analytics, AdServer technology, and more to publishers.

Through Xandr, publishers can get access to one of the top ad exchanges in the industry, with more than 10 million daily impressions, to monetize their content and maximize returns for each impression.

For publishers focusing on video advertising, Xandr offers in-stream, out-stream, and in-banner video ads.

Find out more about Xandr here.


4. OpenX

OpenX logo

OpenX offers premium and high-quality video demand to publishers with one of the world’s fastest growing video marketplaces. Get access to global demand with media buyers in over 200 countries, often spending 4x the average media spend and 45+ video first DSPs with over 2 billion daily bids.

Publishers can scale operations regarding ad formats, selling models and integration as well as access innovative ad formats on desktop, mobile and in-app environments. OpenX integrates seamlessly with most ad servers, video players and header bidding.

You can also integrate the OpenX prebid adapter to increase demand within video header bidding.

Click here to find out more about OpenX here.


5. PubMatic


PubMatic helps publishers offer an amazing experience to users while monetizing their content with video ads and maximizing their ad revenue. Publishers can access direct and programmatic demand powered by

Prebid-bidding for video. With PubMatic’s unified platform, video bidding takes place across multiple screens which further maximizes yield.

Publishers can use private marketplaces to access high-value video ads and employ strategies across different ad formats via private marketplaces.

Click here for more information about PubMatic.


6. Teads TV

Teads logo

The Teads TV video ad network works with more than 65% of the global comScore 300 publishers which include the likes of CNN, Bloomberg, The Economist, ESPN and more. They offer a range of custom video ads that deliver innovative and interactive ad experiences to users.

Through ad technology and artificial intelligence, they ensure that publishers earn the maximum revenue and that ads are safe for their brands. Their SSP helps publishers with yield management, unified auctions, quality safeguards, and centralized reporting.

They provide a range of InRead video ad formats that make viewing video ads pleasant and offer a fantastic user experience.

Click here to find out more about


7. Matomy

Matomy logo

Matomy’s video ad network offers publishers access to a global source of advertisers including premium brands across different geographical locations and verticals. Whether or not you have video content on your website, they can work with you and maximize your revenue.

Their ads can be placed in and around video content while being high quality and optimal for user experience. Popular formats used include pre-, mid- and post-roll ads. They offer high CPMs and engagement with a 75% view through rate within their network.

For publishers that don’t own video content, Matomy can provide a video player and video ads with over 100,000 videos to use on your site.

Click here to find out more about Matomy


8. Magnite (Formerly Rubicon Project)

Rubicon Project logo

Magnite is a merger between Telaria and Rubicon Project. Their goal is to help publishers maximize the value of their video inventory.

They offer publishers a curated programmatic video advertising marketplace with access to a global demand of over 1 billion ad requests on a daily basis. Whether you serve a mobile audience, desktop, or both, Rubicon Project’s ad network can deliver high-impact video ads on every device.

Connect to premium advertisers and leading brands that deliver the type of video ads your users would be interested in viewing.

They’ve also enabled video header bidding which can help you increase competition and drive the most revenue from each impression.

Click here to find out more about Magnite here.



9. Fyber

Fyber logo

The Fyber video ad monetization platform is designed as a programmatic and data-driven platform that unlocks the real value of a publisher’s audience. Fyber’s video platform offers publishers a unified control center to gain audience insights, control ad inventory, optimize ad revenue and more.

With Fyber the focus is on mobile-first video formats including VPAID for mobile. Different ad units include square, banner, interstitial, landscape and vertical.

Fyber’s video monetization platform is designed to house everything a publisher needs. You can even run A/B tests on your ads.

Click here to find out more about Fyber.


10. Unruly Media

Unruly logo

Unruly assists publishers in maximizing their ad revenues with a range of user-friendly video ad formats and access to global premium brands. Through Unruly you’ll get access to every significant trading desk and DSP as well as 95% of the top brands listed in the AdAge 100.

Publishers don’t need video content to monetize with video ads as most ad units are displayed within the content. However, for those that have video content, they do offer in-stream ad types as well.

Onboarding with Unruly is simple with an on-tag solution, reader-friendly ad formats (follows LEAN standards), dedicated account management and more.

Click here to find out more about Unruly


11. Verizon Media (Formerly known as Oath)

Verizon media logo

Verizon Media which is formerly known as Oath provides a wide range of services to both publishers and advertisers. Regarding their video solution, they help publishers get the most out of their ad inventory with their range of integrated tools.

This includes demand forecasting, yield optimization, performance insights, speed improvements, and a simplified video ad sales process. Using their video ad server, you’ll get access to programmatic demand from Verizon Media’s open exchange as well as other demand partners.

Click here to find out more about Verizon Media


12. Taptica

Taptica logo

Taptica provides publishers with a multi-channel monetization solution. Publishers can get access to a range of ad formats and mediums such as video, a dedicated account manager, optimization techniques and more.

Taptica uses optimization algorithms to deliver the best possible CPM to publishers, and each account comes with a personal account manager for additional support.

With Taptica, brand safety for publishers is critical. Rest assured that your audience will not see prohibited content and bad ads. Publishers have strict control over the ads that show on their sites.

Click here to find out more about Taptica


13. AerServ

Aerserv logo

AerServ, part of InMobi, focuses on in-app and mobile advertising. Their mobile video ad network helps app publishers monetize their content with some of the most innovative technology and best-performing video ad units.

Through their proprietary technology, they’ve served over 51 million video ads to date.

AerServ enables publishers to serve high-quality video ads through the use of their ad servers, SDKs, caching, and other technologies. The results are crisp and quick loading video ads which tend to produce higher ad earnings for publishers.

They offer a wide range of video ad units such as interstitial, rewarded, native, and pre-roll video ads. You can also get access to unique ad formats including mobile VPAID, vertical video, and ad pods which can result in much higher CPMs for publishers.

Click here to find out more about AerServ


In closing

On average video CPM rates tend to be higher than display ads and between $9-$20. With such high potential ad earnings, one would be almost crazy not to at least test video ads on your site.

However, managing multiple video ad networks can be challenging. Each site is an entirely different story regarding best-performing ad networks, ad types, and layouts. Customization is key! An ad optimization expert can help you get the most from your inventory.

To get a customized list of video ad networks for your site and vertical, sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today!



How do I get video ads on my website?

Start by joining a video ad network. If you’re starting out, you can use AdSense. They have a pool of advertisers and are preferred by mid and small site publishers. Otherwise, you can take a look at our list of best video ad networks for additional and more advanced options. Next, you should add the video tag inside your video player on your site and start earning ad revenue!

How much can I earn from video ads?

Videos ad RPMs on websites tend to be generally higher than display ad RPMs. On average, video ad RPMs range from $9 - $20 per 1000 impressions for US locations. However, the rates are dependent on the geographical location where the traffic/ad requests are coming from.

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