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What are Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded ads are advertisements that reward users for watching or clicking ads within a game or app in exchange for an in-game reward, such as more lives or more in-game currency (stars, coins, hearts, etc).

Publishers can serve rewarded ads either directly or through Google Ad Manager, Ad Exchange, the Google Mobile Ads SDK, or mediation networks.


Should I use rewarded ads in my app?


You should definitely consider it. Research has shown that users respond when physically offered something for viewing ads; instead of an annoying intrusion that can lead to frustration, rewarded ads will even be sought out by users who wish to continue playing or advance further.

In addition, rewarded ads can even increase user retention and user engagement; offering a daily ad-based reward for example might encourage the user to visit the app more often.

Think carefully about where the ad might be best placed.

Lots of apps offer a number of lives then offer an ad-based reward for one extra life; the user has a higher chance of watching the ad as the reward is immediate and fits in well with the gameplay structure.

By using this method you are monetizing users who don’t pay for anything in-game but instead of them using the app despite the ads, they might now use the app because of the ads. Engagement is also high as the user is actively waiting for the ad to finish.


Rewarded Video Ads Revenue:




In order to ensure a smooth ad monetization journey, an essential metric to track for rewarded video ads is eCMPs (effective cost per mile).

eCPMs will differ depending on the demographic location where you are displaying your ads. It also depends on the operating mobile platform and ad network.

Rewarded video ads have very high click-through rates and customer retention rates. This is the main reason why rewarded video ads can usually drive higher ad revenue than any other ad format.


Rewarded Advertising eCPMs | Global Stats


eCPMs are generally higher on iOS than Android, and the United States has always been the highest selling market for a decade.

iOS eCPMs for rewarded video ads ranges from $9 in Asia to almost $17 in the United States.

Android eCPMs range from $7 to almost $11 in the United States for rewarded ads.

Let’s take a look at ad network rankings on iOS:

  • Facebook’s eCPMs: $33
  • BidMachine’s eCPMs: $17
  • Google AdMob’s eCPMs: $15.2

What about ad network rankings on Android?

  • Google AdMob eCPMs value: $13.5
  • Facebook eCPM value: $22.7
  • BidMachine eCPM value: $13.6

There’s a 0.5% decrease in eCPM’s on iOS compared to 2020’s eCPM trends statistics.

Whereas on Android, eCPMs took a hit during the pandemic decreasing by 20% compared to the last two years.

Are rewarded video ads just for gaming apps?

Absolutely not, even if at first they probably would seem so. Other app types such as media apps can offer a rewarded ad for credits in-game to download music, read articles, and so on.

Messaging and dating apps can offer rewarded ads towards extra emojis, prioritized messages in inboxes, and so on.

Other apps with ‘premium’ features can offer rewarded ads to give users a taste of the full capability of the app that might even encourage them to upgrade.

Does the app I am downloading have rewarded ads?

Most games and even non-game apps such as fitness apps, media apps, and other training apps, especially those with no subscription fee, will contain rewarded ads.

This is especially true of any app where progress is encouraged or expected, for example proceeding through levels, increasing in-game currency, upgrading characters, etc.

Both the App Store and the Play Store have warnings on the main app page to indicate that the app has ads (though they don’t currently have an indicator for rewarded vs non-rewarded).

Best Practices for Rewarded Video Ads:

Using Ad Filters: Depending on your app’s niche, you may want to adjust or optimize your ad filter settings to display targeted video ads to audiences that actually engage and are likely to convert from your app’s niche.

Optimizing Ad networks with AdMob mediation: AdMob Mediation lets you mediate ads from 3rd party advertising networks and the ones serving in-app rewarded video ads. Make use of the Ad Network Optimization (ANO) feature.

It will automatically optimize your mediation stack based on the last eCPM to get the highest-paying advertising network to be serving ads first.

Going for the right placement: Do an app user-data analysis and find out the appropriate timings to display your video ads.

For Instance: After a user completes a certain level in a game or during the end of a live stream. The main goal is to ensure that the user experience is not disrupted.


Rewarded Ads are now available to test with MonetizeMore on the standard web such as desktop and mobile devices. If you want to test rewarded ads, be sure to sign up for PubGuru Header Bidding from MonetizeMore today!

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