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What is PubGuru?

Power up your monetization game with PubGuru - our unrivaled ad management wrapper outclasses alternatives in efficiency and performance. Harness the power of our expansive premium ad network partners and manage everything through PubGuru's intuitive interface designed exclusively for publishers like you.

Unlock superior ad performance with PubGuru

Ultra-fast bids:

Say goodbye to waiting. Experience lightning-fast bid responses that outperform competitors, ensuring your ads load seamlessly.


Tech-driven AI floors:

Cut through flooring mythology. Let our artificial intelligence optimize the best flooring for your campaigns, pages, units, geos, and more.


Seamless integration with Google Ad Manager:

Transition effortlessly with PubGuru® running alongside Google Ad Manager with AdX, header bidding, managed demand, and more. Make every ad impression count.

Exclusive features & formats:

Boost vital metrics including page speed, viewability, and RPMs with our unique features and high-performing ad formats.


Smart bid scaling & AI integration:

Some bidders are just better than others. Ensure you're paid the highest true bid available and ensure your bids reach their maximum value.


One-time implementation:

PubGuru is powered by a single code snippet that brings together all of the essential elements needed to maximize session RPMs.


Trust a platform designed & developed to empower publishers.


Navigate the complexity of revenue attribution with ease. We offer a unique, industry-leading feature that precisely allocates revenue across networks - a benefit seldom found amongst alternatives.


Ensuring your ad stack is optimized is crucial, but it needn't be daunting. Introducing our real-time notification system, coupled with a handy Chrome Extension. Beyond mere monitoring, it deep dives to analyze your ad setup, providing swift troubleshooting guidance & actionable recommendations for your next move.


Effortlessly consolidate insights from over 60+ leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) in one unified platform. Dive deeper into analytics, unlocking powerful insights to refine and drive your ad strategy.


Experience unparalleled precision. Our system adjusts floors based on every individual user's nuances - we go beyond the standard unit, device, geo, or UTM.


Boost your viewable impressions seamlessly. Engage your audience longer, and ensure each impression counts.

Trusted by over 1,500 publishers worldwide


Do it yourself - vs - Use the pros

DIY may work for home improvement, but not Ad Management


Are you confidently earning the highest bids for every ad impression without draining valuable resources?

The PubGuru difference

  • clock
    Real-time bid optimization: PubGuru® automatically bids in real-time, saving you time and maximizing every impression.
  • ai-powered
    AI-powered ad layout: Our sophisticated tech helps you strike the perfect balance between ad placements, user experience, and revenue growth.
  • search
    Transparent and empowering: Retain full control and transparency over your ad set up. Your ad inventory, your way.

PubGuru integrates seamlessly with Google AdX to simplify complex ad operations

PubGuru and Google AdX Synergy

  • key-metrics.png
    Key metrics in one place: Get powerful insights on AdX impressions, AdX revenue, Session RPMs, and more. PubGuru gives you a clear path to higher revenues in 1 intuitive dashboard.
  • beat-ad
    Beat Ad Ops complexity: Skip the technical complications and implementation risks with PubGuru Header Bidding while increasing yield.
  • maximize
    Maximize revenue with advanced technology: Imagine what a 400% percentage revenue increase could mean for your publishing business. PubGuru gives you access to premium Google AdX advertisers so that you can take that next step up.

Our proven results


GenialCredit’s ad earnings increased


eCPMs increased ForMoney


euros per month of Publab’s ad earnings increased

Growing publishers need innovative solutions.

PubGuru was designed exclusively for publishers looking to drive ad revenue growth, optimize performance, and build trust.

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