If Publab can 5X their ad revenue using Pubguru so can you!

This post was most recently updated on June 15th, 2023

About Publab

Publab is a European-based publishing media giant with over 20 websites managed by a dedicated team of A-players garnering over 100 million visitors on a monthly basis. Currently, they have over 200,000 followers.

If Publab can 5X their ad revenue using Pubguru so can you! MonitizeMore


During Quarter 4 of 2019, Publab was majorly seeking an ad management company that could help them grow their ad revenue without any strict lock-ins. They already had 20 sites managed by a great team and were getting 9-figure views every month but wanted to make much more ad revenue than they were generating back then.

To find the best AdOps partner they allowed split testing on their sites with different programmatic companies and found that MonetizeMore generated the best results.

Publab’s main objectives for partnering with MonetizeMore were the following:

-Their main focus was and is to constantly optimize ads.

-Administer the best fitting ad networks in order to scale ad revenue.


Our Ad Ops teams thoroughly audited all 20 websites managed by Publab. Once the analysis was complete, we implemented PubGuru Header Bidding and scaled site monetization with a mixture of ad networks including Google Ad Exchange and Google AdSense. With the Pubguru dashboard, smart notifications and insightful metrics like Ad RPMs, ad impressions, gross revenue, etc kept the Publab team updated every day. Additionally, they faced no problems with site speed and caching as our AdOps teams continuously optimized their ad placements. We also took care of their floor pricing automation. Implementing Pubguru Header Bidding allowed Publab to significantly scale its ad revenue.


  • Publab currently averages over 300,000 euros per month, with much more potential for growth
  • In the last 6 months, Publab saw a 200% increase in traffic and a 250% increase in revenue due to Pubguru.

If Publab can 5X their ad revenue using Pubguru so can you! MonitizeMore

If Publab can 5X their ad revenue using Pubguru so can you! MonitizeMore


“As we have multiple websites running, our ads need to be constantly optimized and that is done by MonetizeMore. We are constantly in communication with the MonetizeMore team in order to reach the best optimizations. As parts of the floor pricing and ad optimization are automated, they took care of that. Pubguru provides us with all of the insights on further ad performance. Publab media prioritizes constant growth and MonetizeMore helped us reach several of our most important revenue goals since the beginning of our company back in 2019. We are now averaging 200k to 300k euros per month, with much more potential for growth. Since M2 takes care of the backend ad optimization, we did not have to worry about our website’s vitals.”

If Publab can 5X their ad revenue using Pubguru so can you! MonitizeMore

  -Bono Van den Hork

    (Co-founder, Publab)


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