Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit

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GenialCredit – Who are they?


Industry: IAB13 (Finance)

Monthly Visits: 1,247,879(This is the YOY)

Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMore

Revenue increase: 327.26%

Impressions: 358.15%

Genial credit is a company specialized in banking intelligence focused on offering credit to individuals. Their mission is to recommend the best financial institution for your credit profile!

With the adtech space evolving at a rapid pace and several publishers and bloggers looking at new capabilities for better business outcomes, Genial wanted to explore Header Bidding which was quite a buzzword in the ad monetization world. 98% of their traffic was coming from mobile devices with most of their audience from Brazil.

Before partnering with MonetizeMore, they were not using any ad network. They were only running AdX only and had never tried header bidding.

Since implementing new technological capabilities requires expertise, skills, and the right kind of support, the team felt the need to collaborate with a monetization partner, and scale things up for improved experience and financial outcomes.


Difficulties with AdSense

While AdSense initially was useful to start with, offering decent revenue & useful features, certain aspects of AdSense ended up causing problems for the team. Instances such as blogging websites getting banned a lot without any warning was one such and getting a new AdSense account was never an easy task.

Additionally, the fact that AdSense revenue increases only on the basis of traffic attracted through consistent content was not something that was suiting the team’s needs. With traffic inconsistencies. AdSense revenue would continue to remain stagnant. Maximizing Ad revenue was not just possible by sticking to AdSense only.

Other Limitations

The team was hesitant to leverage certain ad networks and partners as they were cynical about the promises made. Other alternatives also came with heavy lock-in contracts which further solidified the need to join hands with a monetization partner that would help with ad monetization plans without compromising on the overall user experience. They were looking for a platform that was easy to integrate and offered better control over their ad units, their placements, and the overall layout.

To sum up, Genial Credit joined MonetizeMore with the ultimate goal of achieving a balance between delivering a good user experience and increasing advertising revenue一by placing the right type and number of ads in the right locations, on every page.


Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMore

Enter MonetizeMore! GenialCredito went live on Aug 6, 2021, with us.

Having thoroughly reviewed its product portfolio, expertise, and reputation, Genial Credit decided to join hands with MonetizeMore. The conversations with MonetizeMore’s account managers brought the team greater trust and assurance, and the collaboration kicked off.

MonetizeMore’s AdOps experts offered the following solutions, helping Genial Credit on a lot of fronts:

AdX Capabilities

AdX is a marketplace that lets several premium buyers and sellers interact, resulting in successful deals. Given that it is normally tricky for publishers to access the exclusive benefits of AdX, having a partner that offers premium services helps to more effectively meet publisher requirements. As a Google Certified Partner, MonetizeMore offered:

📈 Additional AdX demand brought buyers from several other ad networks including Google Display Networks, enabling the best possible usage of Genial’s website inventory.

📈 A useful impression-based revenue model instead of clicks (which is harder to achieve), eventually bringing higher yields.

UPR Targeting

For UPR targeting top URLs. Our AdOps experts checked URLs that receive very high traffic and impressions. The overall CPM is directly impacted by the top URLs. Hence, making floor changes on Top URLs significantly affects the performance.

Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMore


Key result: 📈 328% Overall Revenue Uplift from 6 figures to 7 figures in less than a year

Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMoreMaximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMore


With all the aforementioned optimizations, Genial Credit was able to increase its revenue by 328% in 3 quarters. During this time, their ad RPMs increased by 181% by October 2021 & the site also saw a 266% increase in pageviews. Genial Credit also achieved a 190% uplift in ad CTRs during this time period. In addition, they also got access to granular reporting and PubGuru’s smart notifications which helped them make data-backed decisions.

Are you looking to maximize your ad revenue upto 328% just like Genial? Get started with us today!

Maximize ad revenue upto 328% just like GenialCredit MonitizeMore

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