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MonetizeMore offers a suite of monetization solutions

Because we want you to have full control of your monetization plan, we’re offering a complete set of publisher solutions to help you increase your ad revenues on a consistent basis. Whether you wish to outsource your ad optimization work to us, or simply want to empower your own ad operations team in-house, you can get all the resources you need in one place.

Check out our offerings below:

MonetizeMore Demand

Get the most optimal setup of a header bidding technology without the hassle of a complicated process.

  • – 100% fill: No passbacks needed
  • – RPMs 2x – 3x higher than your average remnant inventory
  • – Only serves when it has the highest bid
  • – Can integrate with Google Analytics
  • – Fast page load times with asynchronous page loads and timeout function passbacks needed
  • – Only requires a quick DFP integration and a snippet of code in your header
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Premium Publisher Plan

For larger sites with at least 20 million pageviews per month, this is the comprehensive outsourced ad optimization service in the hands of our seasoned adops experts.

    • – Hybrid ad optimization method
    • – Dedicated ad optimization expert
    • – Exclusive access to premium ad networks
    • – Better revenue shares
    • – Additional revenue streams you can choose from
    • – Free ad server (DFP) implementation
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Doubleclick Ad Exchange

The most consolidated demand source that’s better than Google Adsense.

  • – Programmatic Exchange
  • – Advanced Ad Optimization Tools
  • – Better Targeting Technology
  • – Fast Payments
  • – Google Policy Consultation
  • – Links to your Google Analytics account
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DFP Implementation

Get into the #1 Ad Server across the online ad purchasing market. If your site gets at least 5 million pageviews, we can setup DFP for free!

  • – Uses Enhanced & Dynamic Allocation to get higher CPMs
  • – Links seamlessly with Doubleclick Ad Exchange
  • – Advanced targeting features
  • – Reliability & Ease of use
  • – Trafficking capabilities
  • – Yield Management
  • – Security
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