Learn about our premium service offering and standalone header bidding platform.

MonetizeMore offers a full suite of monetization solutions

We want you to have full control of your publisher monetization plan. Whether it’s our premium service offering where we manage your entire ad revenue operations, or our PubGuru header bidding platform to empower your own ad operations team we have the right mix of services and technology to help you hit your ad revenue goals.

Check out our offerings below:


Get the most optimal setup of a header bidding technology without the hassle of a complicated process.

  • 100% fill: No passbacks needed
  • RPMs 2x – 3x higher than your average remnant inventory
  • Only serves when it has the highest bid
  • Can integrate with Google Analytics
  • Fast page load times with asynchronous page loads and timeout function passbacks needed
  • Only requires a quick DFP integration and a snippet of code in your header

Premium Publisher Plan

For larger sites over 20 million pageviews per month, we provide a fully managed ad optimization service with priority access to our core ad ops teams.

  • Hybrid ad optimization method
  • Dedicated ad optimization expert
  • Exclusive access to premium ad networks
  • Better revenue shares
  • Additional revenue streams you can choose from
  • Free ad server (DFP) implementation