Prebid Header Bidding Implementation and Solutions

prebid.js implementation MonetizeMoreHeader bidding is one of the most widely discussed topics in the ad optimization industry and has been featured in many ad industry publications. However, implementation and understanding thereof still seem foreign to many publishers.

With the birth of Prebid, it changed dramatically! This open-source solution made the implementation of header bidding and the potential of increased ad revenue accessible to all publishers. Today it’s one of the most popular wrappers used by publishers.

In this post, we’ll give you more information about Prebid, how to implement it, and show you how MonetizeMore’d header bidding solution compares.

Header bidding: What is it, and how does it work?

Header bidding allows publishers to earn the highest possible RPM from all competing ad bids. Ad networks bid in real-time within the header of the page before the ad server auction. For this to work, an unbiased ad auction environment must be implemented where no bids are favored by any vendors so that publishers can maximize RPMs.

Compared to a traditional waterfall setup, this makes maximizing your ad revenues automatic, more attainable, and efficient. Over the past few years, MonetizeMore has been increasing and maximizing publisher ad revenues via this programmatic system with much success. We’ve added a video below, which gives you a short introduction to header bidding.

What is Prebid?

This free solution enables publishers to implement header bidding on websites and mobile apps. Publishers previously had to make use of expert developer teams to set up header bidding, but with Prebid, it’s a lot easier. Prebid also allows ad optimizers to comfortably set up line items, manage them effectively, make use of asynchronous ad calls, and do all this without developing a custom solution.

Benefits of using Prebid

With Prebid, you can use this free technology to implement on your sites (the standard version) or use it to build a custom solution. You can read more about the Prebid.js background, including its core development, adapters, and history over here. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from running Prebid:

It offers an asynchronous setup, which improves user experience by delivering content quicker

You get access to one of the largest libraries of header bidding adapters which integrate with countless of bidders

It provides you with multiple options for a variety of ad formats on both mobile and desktop devices

Is it difficult to implement Prebid?

Even though Prebid is meant to make header bidding accessible, and easy for publishers, it’s still a complicated process. Most publishers don’t understand this process enough to have it running on their websites, not even to mention implementing it.

Publishers have so many different areas of the business to focus on, such as growing their business, improving user experience, creating content, and much more. Many don’t have the time to understand every little detail of the ad tech industry or resources to implement complicated tech solutions. Publishers need to focus on what they’re good at because a company can only realistically be exceptional at a few core competencies.

This is where MonetizMore can help! Not only do we have years of ad optimization expertise, a dedicated team of ad optimizers, and a proprietary header wrapper, we can also assist you with implementation. Recent tests have even shown that our header wrapper received 23% higher RPMs compared to the standard Prebid version. If you are running the standard version of Prebid, you are leaving money at the table!

Prebid vs. MonetizeMore’s header bidding solution

There is no doubt that Prebid changed the ad tech landscape forever, but since it’s an open-source solution, it offers limited features and results to publishers. MonetizeMore’s header bidding solution, called PubGuru® Header Bidding, provides all the features of Prebid and adds to its premium features that help publishers take their revenue to the next level. Take a look at how MonetizeMore’s solution compares to Prebid in the table below:


m2 logo white
Header Bidding Yes Yes
Video Header Bidding Yes Yes

Available – requires custom work and implementation

Publisher Analytics Yes
Bidder Variation Testing Yes
Optimized With GAM For Low Latency Yes
Responsive Customer Support Yes
Simpler Unified Payments Yes
White Glove Setup Yes
Bids Based On Payable Revenue Yes
Lazy Load Compatible
Smart Refresh Compatible Yes

Are you ready to test out PubGuru® Header Bidding? See it how it performs against Prebid. Sign up now!


Additional features you can expect from PubGuru® Header Bidding

When a publisher upgrades their header wrapper from Prebid to PubGuru® Header Bidding, they get access to the below features that boost RPMs:

-Unified reporting: helps you to analyze your ad inventory performance with direct connections to over 50 ad networks while comparing performance via metrics such as Ad RPM, Page RPMs & Session RPMs broken down by many different dimensions.

-Profit attribution: map your campaigns using UTM codes and measure the profitability of each campaign directly in your PubGuru® dashboard

-Smart notifications: will help you to determine what to do next to increase your ad revenues. This can be managed within the PubGuru® platform or seen in real-time via the free Chrome extension, PubGuru® Ad Inspector.

-Frequency capping and geo-targeting from the PubGuru® interface

-Dynamic timeouts and price floors driven by machine learning technology.

In conclusion

Do you need help implementing Prebid or want to take MonetizeMore’s PubGuru® header bidding solution for a test run? We’re happy to show you that our header bidding solution will provide the best results. Are you ready to take your ad revenue to the next level with header bidding? Start running PubGuru® Header Bidding today!



What is a Prebid?

Prebid is an open-source header bidding solution for websites and mobile apps. It helps publishers bypass the costs and time needed to develop custom header bidding solutions, but offers limited features and functionality.

What is a Prebid adapter?

Prebid adapters are code used to add separate demand partners to a publisher’s prebid header bidding set up.

How does pre bid work?

Prebid, like other header bidding solutions, enables ad networks to bid in real-time within the header section of a web page’s code for ad impressions causing an unbiased ad auction. As a result, advertisers with the highest bids win the auction, and publishers get to dramatically increase their ad revenue.

How do you implement header bidding?

To implement header bidding, you need to either develop a custom header bidding solution to fit your needs or use a third party header wrapper such as Prebid or MonetizeMore’s PubGuru® header bidding wrapper. We’ve compared our header bidding solution to Prebid and discuss more about implementation in our blog post.

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