Is Google AdSense worth it?

Is Google AdSense worth it?

Do you want to know if Google AdSense is worth it? This article shows you why it is and even offers some alternatives if you disagree. Let’s jump in!

AdSense is a Google owned ad network that serves millions of publishers. It’s often a publisher’s first choice ad network and one of the most popular ad networks in the ad industry.

Publishers sign up to AdSense to access Google’s extensive pool of advertisers and monetize their traffic with display ads. After joining AdSense, publishers need to add a few lines of code to start displaying ads on their websites and earn ad revenue.

AdSense gives publishers complete control over the type of ads they want to show, access to different ad types and ad features. Publishers can access advanced features such as ad testing and auto ads that use machine learning to place different ads at optimal positions on a publisher’s website and more.

This all sounds good, but it can’t all be good?

AdSense is very strict with regard to its program policies and invalid traffic. Publishers need to adhere to the program policies and keep their website free from invalid traffic. Otherwise, they can end up receiving revenue clawbacks or even getting their account banned.

They also only accept certain language websites, which might not make them accessible for everyone.

All of this might sound scary or harsh, but it’s industry-standard practice. Google wants to keep the AdSense ad network as high quality as possible while serving both publishers and advertisers. They need to keep up standards to ensure advertisers get the exposure they pay for and publishers receive their cut of the money paid by advertisers.

Should I join or not?

Yes, if your website is allowed to join AdSense, do so! It’s the quickest path to starting to earn good ad rates. Their systems are set up that everyone can use it and make the most of their ads.

We show you the steps for creating an AdSense account here.

I’ve joined, now what?

Whether you’ve already joined AdSense or have yet to do so, we’ve got a solution that will help you get the most out of your account. We call it PubGuru University School Of AdSense, and it’s an online video course where we show you how to master your AdSense inventory. In the course, we provide detailed over-the-shoulder video instructions on optimizing your AdSense ads, mastering your account, and earning the most ad revenue possible from AdSense.

For less than $100, you’ll be able to learn the same techniques our ad ops teams use to optimize AdSense for our publisher partners.

Are you ready to take complete control of your AdSense ads, account, and ad revenue? Enroll in PubGuru University today!

What if I don’t get accepted?

Sometimes it happens. You don’t get accepted and might feel like the world is going to end. Don’t worry! There are other ad networks out there and a lot of AdSense alternatives that have an excellent reputation.

Take a look at our recommendations, start signing up for the ad networks and test them out.

Kean Graham

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