How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads

This post was most recently updated on April 12th, 2024

Understanding Anchor Ads

How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads MonitizeMore

Google Anchor Ads are designed to help publishers create a more engaging ad experience for their audience. This sticky ad stays on the top or bottom of the web page while the user is scrolling through the content.

They offer publishers potentially higher revenue compared to traditional banner ads due to their prominent placement and engaging format. It tends to get higher Ad RPMs because of high viewability.

Swiping would let the user dismiss the ad in a mobile-friendly manner. More specifications of anchor ads are mentioned below:

– They are available in 320×50 and 320×100 size for mobile.
– Anchor ads show on desktop and mobile devices and sticks to the bottom of the screen.
– Should be implemented as sticky ads and then declared sticky in Ad Exchange.

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Before and After

MonetizeMore’s expertise in ad optimization and cutting-edge technology, like PubGuru, has led to impressive results for publishers implementing Google Anchor Ads. Here are 4 success stories:

Success Story # 1 – Clickfinancas

How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads MonitizeMore

Clickfinancas was interested in boosting ad revenue. While individual ad earnings (CPM) might not have increased drastically, the implementation of Google Anchor Ads led to significant overall gains in revenue, page RPM, and session RPM.

Before: They experienced limited revenue growth potential from their previous ad setup.

After: Upon implementing Google Anchor Ads with MonetizeMore, they saw substantial increases in:

    • Revenue (34.18%)
    • Page RPM (31.92%)
    • Session RPM (33.45%)

Key Takeaway: Google Anchor Ads can drive substantial revenue growth even without dramatic increases in individual ad CPM. This is likely due to the increased ad impressions and better placement that they provide.

Success Story # 2 – Consultarfinanca

How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads MonitizeMore focused on improving viewability (how likely ads are to be seen) and its overall monetization performance. They saw impressive gains across all key metrics by combining Google Anchor Ads with Viewability Booster technology through MonetizeMore.

Before: sought to improve both ad viewability and overall monetization.

After: Through MonetizeMore’s strategy that combined Google Anchor Ads and Viewability Booster technology, the results were:

    • Viewability increase (17%)
    • Ad RPM increase (39%)
    • Page RPM increase (21%)
    • Session RPM increase (47%)

Key Takeaway: When paired with strategic optimization techniques like Viewability Booster, Google Anchor Ads can offer a powerful combination – improving both user experience and revenue potential.

Success Story # 3 – Financescredit gets an explosive 120% eCPM Increase

How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads MonitizeMore

The Story: Before implementing Google Anchor ads, struggled to optimize its ad revenue potential. By switching to this full-screen interstitial format, the site saw a dramatic 120% surge in eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions). This translates to significantly higher earnings for each ad displayed. Additionally, the overall fill rate increased by 23%, indicating more ad opportunities were successfully filled.

Key Takeaway: As the above stories show, Google Anchor ads can provide a powerful solution for publishers seeking a substantial boost in individual ad earnings.

Success Story # 4: Achieves 92% Revenue Growth and Improved User Experience with Google Anchor Ads

How publishers are improving their RPMs & viewability with Google Anchor Ads MonitizeMore

The Story: The educational website prioritized increased revenue and a positive user experience. After switching to Google Anchor ads, they witnessed a remarkable 92.03% increase in revenue. Importantly, this wasn’t at the expense of the visitors—page RPM increased by 100% and Session RPM by 61.53%, demonstrating more effective monetization of the entire website.

Key Takeaway: Google Anchor ads can be a win-win solution for publishers. As seen with, they can significantly boost earnings while enhancing the overall value proposition of your site for visitors, leading to better engagement and long-term success.


These case studies showcase the significant impact of a well-executed Google Anchor Ad implementation. MonetizeMore’s 14 years of AdTech expertise helps publishers unlock their inventory’s full potential. If you’re looking to optimize your ad revenue and improve user experience, MonetizeMore can help.

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