PubGuru Anchor Unit Explained

Last updated: July 11, 2019 | by David Loschiavo
PubGuru anchor ad unit

This post was most recently updated on July 11th, 2019

Many publishers want an anchor ad unit that sticks to the bottom of the page. The way this historically has been done is with a third party ad source that would get 100% of inventory in that ad unit.

These often used limited demand and unconscionable revenue shares leading to poor monetization for the publisher. Also, the publisher would sometimes even be required to add specific code to the page, or even get blocked from running the unit in DFP, reducing accountability for the performance of the unit.

The PubGuru Header Bidding anchor unit solves all of these problems:

  • The publisher’s developer does not need to add any additional code to the page. Our Ad ops team flags the ad unit in the PubGuru unit control center for “AutoZone anchor-bottom.” The codebase adds the unit to the page as appropriate, even if the publisher doesn’t add any code. The stats are tracked directly in DFP for maximum transparency.
  • The ad unit gets fully maximized demand from all compatible ad sources, including Ad Exchange, AdSense, header bidders, and managed demand.
  • It can be deployed intelligently for desktop or mobile anchors (or both) without any changes from the publisher.

Because the PubGuru code automatically adds the unit intelligently to the page without the publisher adding any code, publishers who wish to be more selective on when the unit loads should use the following code above the link to their header bidding configuration file on any pageview where they want to disable the unit:

window.m2hb = window.m2hb || {};
window.m2hb.disabledUnits = window.disabledUnits || [];

Replace /1234567890/UnitNameHere with the appropriate unit name.

Upcoming features for the PubGuru Anchor include:

  • Temporarily hiding the ad unit if it is obscuring another ad unit
  • Filters in the PubGuru unit control center to automatically disable the ad unit based on session depth, so for example, the publisher could run the ad unit for every pageview after the first, or on the first three page views.

For additional custom implementations of the PubGuru platform, review the PubGuru API Documentation.

In conclusion

If you’re not familiar with PubGuru, speak to one of our consultants today and find out how this revolutionary all in one header bidding platform can help take your publisher business to the next level in 2018. Book your free consultation here.

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