What you’re missing out on if you’re not running Google in your ad stack

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Last updated: August 7, 2020 | by Kean Graham
What youre missing out on if youre not running Google in your ad stack

This post was most recently updated on August 7th, 2020

Believe it or not, there are sites with hundreds of thousands of websites that don’t run Google ads or and some not any ads for that matter. Although this is not the norm with tier one countries such as the US, UK, CA, AUS, it’s often the case with non-English sites and especially across Latin America.

To help these publishers maximize their ad revenue, we’ve created a post to show you what you’re missing out on. Here are just some of the benefits of adding Google’s ad network, ad exchange and ad server to your ad stack:

More advertiser demand

Google has the biggest pool of advertisers globally. The most obvious benefit to running Google demand is the fact that you’ll gain access to thousands of premium buyers. This results in a snowball effect that helps increase your ad revenue in so many ways.

Higher fill rates

For starters, since you’ll have more advertisers available to bid on your ad impressions, you’ll have higher ad fill rates. You’ll no longer have to settle for low paying ad RPMs just because there is no demand for your ad inventory or worse, serve blank ads.

Good coverage or fill rate means you are monetizing every single ad request and lowers your unfilled impressions.

Better RPMs

As a result, your RPMs will increase, and you’ll start earning more ad revenue because of the increased advertiser demand and higher fill rates.

Header bidding & EBDA

When using Google Ad Manager, Google’s ad server, you’ll get access to a range of advanced ad optimization features. This includes Exchange Bidding, Google’s alternative to header bidding, which allows ad exchanges and SSPs to compete and bid on publisher ad inventory with Google Ad Exchange in a unified auction.

Exchange bidding will even further increase auction pressure and dramatically increase ad revenue with it. We recommend running both Header Bidding and Exchange Bidding.

Optimize for all buyers and different ad placements

With Google demand and more importantly, using Google Ad Manager, you can optimize your ad inventory for a range of different screen sizes, ad types, and advertisers. This includes native, video, mobile, desktop, OTT (find out more about OTT and CTV here), and more.

You can find out how to add native ads to your ad stack here:


Reliable payments

They follow NET 30 payment terms. Google is a world-class company that never misses a payment. They are known for strict policies, but that’s all to protect the quality of their ad network. You can rest assured that as you comply with their rules, you’ll get paid on time every time.

Inventory protection

With Google Ad Exchange, you can avoid competing advertisers from serving simultaneously on the same page. You can specify the ad content you want to allow or disallow, and be able to block Google demand on pages you think would violate the policies.

Wide range of ad experiences, formats, and ad technologies

Control what kinds of ads and ad behaviors, which ad technologies and video types will be eligible for your inventory. Ad Exchange buyers are allowed to use many Ad Technology vendors that use tools such as ad servers, ad quality, audience graphs, and remarketing.

How do you get started Google demand?

It very much depends on your traffic volumes. For smaller publishers, it’s best to get started with AdSense. For those with more considerable monthly traffic volumes (500,000 and more), you could qualify for Google Ad Exchange.

Google Ad Exchange is the next level in publisher monetization with Google. It comes with a ton of benefits such as added optimization features, higher RPMs, premium advertisers, as well as access to Google Ad Manager.

Although Google demand poses many benefits, it takes a lot of work and expertise to get set up and optimize it correctly. Are you tired of getting subpar results on your ad revenue? It’s time to add Google demand!

To find out how to best proceed for your publisher business, RPMs you can expect and how MonetizeMore can help you maximize your ad revenues, sign up today!

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