What is AdSense safe traffic?[4 questions to ask yourself before buying traffic]

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January 11, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

Do a quick Google search for “AdSense safe traffic,” and you’ll see many different, often questionable, search listings. Websites saying something like, “We’ll get you, 15000 visitors of AdSense safe traffic”, for $xx, xxx. Often the prices are low, and the sources of traffic are not clear. Online marketplaces where to find deals like this include People Per Hour, Fiverr, and even UpWork.

There is nothing wrong with any of those marketplaces as real people are selling services on them. However, with regards to AdSense, you should always be careful when purchasing traffic for your site.

Why would publishers want to purchase “safe traffic” for their AdSense site anyway? It’s simple. More traffic often equates to more ad revenue, or at least that’s the way most publishers see it. Usually, the statement is true. However, traffic quality is a critical factor in that equation that does not get mentioned often. The higher quality and more targeted your traffic, the better chances that the relevant ads Google will be seen and clicked on by your visitors.

Send 15000 bot visitors or visitors from questionable sources to your site, and your Google Analytics dashboard will look amazing. You might even get a few clicks on your ads, but it will be nothing in comparison to real, targeted high-quality traffic. Traffic from questionable sources that usually contain bots will most certainly be detected as invalid traffic by AdSense. What happens next is any publisher’s worst nightmare. If lucky, you might only receive a revenue clawback and not get paid for the ad revenue you supposedly earned. If not, you can lose your entire AdSense account. Getting it back afterward is nearly impossible.

To summarize, we recommend that you don’t ever use cheap traffic sources or services promising your thousands of website visitors that are “AdSense safe.”


Buying Real Traffic: Will it get me banned?

Google’s AdSense program does allow publishers to display ads on their sites and make money when users click on those ads. However, you are solely responsible for the traffic to your site’s ads and must ensure that the incoming traffic is legit and not invalid traffic.

Any traffic coming from third-party sources must be vetted to ensure that it complies with AdSense policies to avoid revenue clawbacks and potential AdSense bans.

Buying real traffic is a white-hat way to grow your website’s audience and maximize ad revenue, as long as the traffic is authentic and not generated through nefarious means. Many publishers leverage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get more traffic to their sites. It’s important to note that buying clicks or impressions on your ads, or using AI to generate clicks, is not permitted by AdSense policies.

Buying traffic with the sole intention of clicking on ads is also prohibited since this is typical Click Farm behavior. In order to avoid policy violations, the incoming traffic should be mostly human who are genuinely interested in viewing your content.

Surely there has to be AdSense safe traffic sources?

Look at it this way. Google is aware of publishers buying traffic for AdSense sites. It’s not a new thing, and you can learn more about their take here. The issue has always been the quality of the traffic and the risk of invalid traffic. A good way to vet a potential traffic source is to use the Google traffic provider checklist. In the checklist, they ask questions like:

1-Where will your ads be shown?

This question focuses on where the traffic is coming from and where the ads will be displayed. Knowing where your ads will be shown is important because it allows you to optimize your ad placements to make more money and relevant ads will be displayed on your site.

2-Can you verify ad placements?

Verifying ad placements means being able to see where your ads are being displayed. This is important because it allows you to ensure that the ads that are relevant to your target audience will be displayed and that the traffic is coming from legit sources.

3-Are costs similar to other traffic sources?

If you are buying traffic then is the cost of the traffic from this source in line with what you would expect to pay for similar traffic from other sources? If the cost is significantly lower than other sources, it may be an indication that this is bot traffic or click farms.

4-Are other publishers safely buying traffic from the source?

If you are in talks with your fellow publishers then check with them if they are using this traffic source without any issues. If other publishers are using the traffic source without any issues, it’s more likely that the source is alright.

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These are great questions to ask when thinking of trying out a new traffic source. You can test a few sources such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and other paid traffic sources. These sites are established, and you should not have issues with invalid traffic when using them. Watch out not to break the AdSense terms and conditions in any way. Also, avoid accidental clicks by placing ads too close to content or tricking visitors into clicking on them.

Lastly, even though the sources mentioned above have been around the internet for a while and other publishers have successfully used them, you still need to be vigilant.

Ad fraud and invalid traffic aren’t something that’s going away anytime soon. Fraudulent actors are always finding ways to game the system. The fact remains that your site will always be at risk in some way or the other unless you take preemptive measures to protect it.

Invalid Traffic Blocking Tools to the Rescue

What is AdSense safe traffic?[4 questions to ask yourself before buying traffic] MonitizeMore

That’s why we believe that Traffic Cop, our invalid traffic-blocking tool, is more relevant now than ever. The tool detects and protects your ad accounts from invalid traffic. Traffic Cop detects invalid traffic and then prevents it from clicking on your ads using machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms.

It even won the Google Innovation of the year award twice, which further shows its importance in the current digital advertising ecosystem.

By all means, remember to vet traffic sources and use quality sources, as mentioned above. However, if you want to purchase AdSense safe traffic and not wonder if the traffic is safe, use Traffic Cop for peace of mind and ultimate control.

Let ad revenue clawbacks and potential ad account bans be a thing of the past. Sign up for Traffic Cop today!

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