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Last updated: September 19, 2023 | by aleesha

This post was most recently updated on September 19th, 2023

In today’s fast-paced AI world, publishers are continuously searching for the next best way to maximize their ad revenues. One effective strategy to achieve this is by optimizing the ad sizes they deploy. Among the various mobile ad formats available, the 320×100 banner stands out as a powerful tool to achieve better Click-Through Rates (CTRs).

The Power of the 320×100 Ad Size

The 320×100 ad size, sometimes represented as 320 * 100 or simply 320 x 100, is commonly referred to as the ‘large mobile banner‘. This format provides publishers with a larger canvas compared to the traditional 320×50 mobile leaderboard, giving advertisers more room to convey their message compellingly.

Let’s delve into why the 320×100 banner example stands as a promising format for publishers:

  1. Maximized Visibility: The 320×100 banner offers almost double the height of its 320×50 counterpart. This enhanced size ensures the ad captures the user’s attention as they scroll through the content.
  2. Creative Flexibility: The increased space in the 320×100 banner permits richer visuals and more text, allowing advertisers to get their message across more effectively.
  3. Better User Experience: Though larger than the 320×50, the 320×100 ad size is still non-intrusive, blending seamlessly with content and offering a positive user experience.

Comparing 320×100 to Other Ad Sizes

To truly appreciate the effectiveness of the 320×100 ad size, let’s compare it to the popular 970×90 ad size, often used for desktop layouts:

  • While the 970×90 ad size dominates desktop displays with its wide layout, it’s not mobile-responsive. In contrast, the 320×100 banner is designed specifically for mobile screens, ensuring optimal viewability and interaction rates.
  • The 320×100 banner, thanks to its size and positioning, often results in higher CTRs than other ad sizes on mobile. This could lead to better ad revenues for publishers and a more significant return on investment for advertisers.

Best Practices for Implementing 320×100 Banner Ads

  1. Positioning Matters: Place the 320×100 banner at strategic points in your content – either at the top or interspersed within the content. This ensures that the ad garners attention without being too disruptive.
  2. Ensure Quality Content: A compelling 320 x 100 banner combined with quality content can increase user engagement and the likelihood of clicks.
  3. Regularly Test and Optimize: Like any ad format, it’s essential to regularly A/B test the 320×100 ad size with other mobile ad formats to gauge its performance.


The 320×100 mobile ad banner is a powerful tool in a publisher’s arsenal. Its optimal size and flexibility offer a balance between visibility and user experience, making it a go-to choice for many publishers aiming for better CTRs. By understanding its advantages over other formats, like the 970×90 ad size, and implementing it effectively, publishers can unlock higher revenues and ensure satisfied advertisers.

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