Top 12 Google AdSense alternatives for 2024

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January 19, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

Google’s ad network, AdSense, is a market leader in ad monetization. Almost every successful publisher uses AdSense, or at least starts with it and progresses to Ad Exchange. However, what do you do when you can’t use the network to monetize your traffic?

Maybe you didn’t get approved for AdSense, or you’re busy appealing an account ban for invalid click activity, or you want to load up your ad stack to increase revenues. Whatever the reason, all is not lost. AdSense may be the market leader, but there are many competitors and Google AdSense alternatives that can provide good eCPMs and supplement ad revenue.

We’ve added our top 12 AdSense alternatives to the list below as used and recommended by our very own ad optimization team. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

  1. Mentionable
  3. Monumetric
  4. Anyclip
  5. Recrue Media
  6. Infolinks
  7. Viewdeos
  8. Epom
  9. Velis Media
  10. Brightcom
  11. Primis
  12. Revcontent

1. Mentionable


Mentionable is a platform that offers bloggers (publishers) a new way to monetize their websites and earn additional income. As a blogger, the process is simple. 

Sign up for a free account on Mentionable’s marketplace and find a website that aligns with the topic of your upcoming article. When you’re ready to publish an article, include a mention or link to that website.

The process takes only about 5 minutes and may earn extra income without any additional effort within 48 hours after publishing an article.

You can use Mentionable with every article you publish, and it also works with existing monetization methods, including display ads and affiliate links.

Click here for more information.


media-net stands as a prominent player in contextual advertising, ranking as the world’s second-largest network in terms of revenue. It offers a unique edge by having exclusive access to Yahoo! and Bing search data, making it a solid competitor to Google’s AdSense.

Adding to its credibility, is the trusted choice for several major global brands. Its impressive clientele includes not only CNN, Forbes, and Reuters, but also other notable names like Esquire and USA Today. This widespread adoption by top-tier publishers highlights the company’s effectiveness in monetizing diverse content forms, ranging from news and editorials to more niche-specific articles.

AdSense, on the other hand, tends to show better results with banner ads placed above the fold, particularly in niches that are less focused on products. Conversely, shines in product-centric niches, leveraging its sophisticated algorithms to deliver highly relevant ads that align with the content’s context and user intent.

3. Monumetric


Monumetric presents a compelling case as a viable and potentially more profitable alternative to AdSense in the digital advertising space. This platform offers a unique blend of technology and strategic support that caters to the diverse needs of publishers, aiming to optimize their ad revenue.

Its client-side header bidding wrapper and AdOps support helps publishers make 25% more ad revenue compared to AdSense. By enabling a real-time auction for each ad impression, Monumetric ensures that publishers get the best possible price for their ad space.

4. Anyclip

anyclip logo

AnyClip’s Luminous X video player helps publishers access direct-sold video ads through an AI-powered video player. It also comes with advanced content targeting and brand safety filtering features.

The Luminous X player uses data to match video content within a publisher’s library with the content on publisher websites and while creating amazing experiences for users. If publishers don’t have enough video content to showcase, they can gain access to premium video feeds through AnyClip.

Click here to sign up for AnyClip.


5. Recrue Media

Recrue Media logo

Recrue Media’s publisher monetization services are managed by Jason Fairchild, the co-founder of OpenX. They offer three main services to publishers which include ad stack consulting, monetization partnerships, and inventory representation.

With ad stack consulting publishers get constant support from the Recrue Media team to optimize their ad stack across different ad types such as display, native, video, and more. With inventory representation, they ensure that publisher ad inventory gets full exposure to various exchanges and private marketplaces – all with the goal of increasing ad revenue.

Click here to find out more about Recrue Media.


6. Infolinks


Infolinks stands out as a dynamic ad network, paralleling Google’s AdSense in its support for both publishers and advertisers. It tailors ads to individual user preferences, ensuring high relevance and engagement. Their unique approach, focusing on in-text ads that seamlessly integrate with long blog posts, alongside other formats like in-fold, in-tag, in-frame, and traditional graphic banners, caters to a diverse range of content styles.

What sets Infolinks apart is their Cost Per Click (CPC) model, designed to maximize earnings for publishers. While AdSense boasts a broader advertiser base and global reach, Infolinks’ focus primarily on North American markets sometimes translates into more effective, region-specific campaigns.

For publishers, partnering with Infolinks means retaining 65% of the revenue generated, a competitive share in today’s market. This partnership offers a lucrative opportunity for publishers looking to diversify their ad revenue streams and capitalize on Infolinks’ targeted advertising strengths.

Click here to sign up for Infolinks


7. Viewdeos


With Viewdeos, you can access another lucrative segment of digital advertising, video advertising. Through the Viewdeos video ad network, you can gain access to premium video ad inventory. You can also create video inventory with your content and further increase engagement and page views from users.

Viewdeos also helps publishers increase their ad revenue by monitoring best performing ads and increasing engagement with better-targeted native video ads.

Click here to sign up for Viewdeos.


8. Epom


The Epom ad network helps a wide range of publishers monetize their traffic, whether websites or apps. They offer monetization options across a wide range of devices and ad formats.

Premium world-famous brands use Epom to advertise, which means that publishers get access to them. They also utilize algorithms that help maximize eCPMs for publishers to ensure that ad revenues are as high as possible.

You can also expect close to 100% ad fill rates and excellent monetization support.

Click here to sign up for Epom.


9. Velis Media

Velis Media

With Velis Media, publishers get to connect with top agencies and brands through a premium advertising marketplace. They utilize machine learning to optimize ad results for both publishers and advertisers.

Their focus is on mobile and video ad monetization. For mobile, they ensure that relevant ads are served to users of all devices with high CPMs and fill rates.

For video, publishers that have websites or apps can enjoy high conversion rates and great CPMs through their customizable video players and in-stream ads.

Click here to sign up to Velis Media.


10. Brightcom


Brightcom Media is committed to meeting all the publishers’ monetization needs. They advise publishers on inventory decisions, content optimization, and more to increase their ad revenue.

Publishers will get access to a multi-channel marketing platform where brand safety is vital. If you’re looking for reliable partnerships, trusted inventory, and programmatic solutions at a global scale, Brightcom is for you.

Additionally, they offer competitive CPMs at 100% fill rates, access to premium brands, a long list of ad units, and a dedicated account manager.

Click here to sign up to Brightcom Media.


11. Primis


Primis is another ad network that focuses on video ads and prides itself on delivering them to users at the right time. They focus on providing a great user experience and maximizing RPMs.

They utilize in-view native video ads that are fully customizable to fit any ad unit size while recommending additional videos to maximize distribution. Through contextual matching, artificial intelligence, and audience targeting, videos from the Primis video library are selected to deliver the most relevant video ads.

Click here to sign up for Primis.


12. RevContent


RevContent emerges as a compelling alternative to AdSense particularly for its approach to native advertising. This platform is known for seamlessly integrating ads into websites through its unique ad widgets, enhancing the user experience while still driving revenue.

In terms of revenue potential, RevContent offers a unique advantage over AdSense, particularly in the context of ad blockers. RevContent’s native ads have the capability to monetize web traffic even when users employ ad blockers, a feature not typically found in AdSense ads. This makes RevContent an attractive choice for publishers concerned about losing revenue due to ad-blocking software.

When to look for an AdSense Alternative?

Choosing the right adtech platform is crucial for publishers looking to maximize their online revenue. While Google AdSense is a popular choice, it may not always be the best fit for every publisher’s unique needs. The following table contrasts key scenarios where publishers should consider AdSense alternatives versus situations where sticking with AdSense is advantageous:

Situation Look for AdSense Alternatives Stick with AdSense
Revenue Goals If your revenue plateaus or decreases with AdSense and you’re looking for higher earnings. If you’re satisfied with the earnings from AdSense and it meets your revenue goals.
Ad Customization If you want more control over ad types, formats, and placement to better fit your site’s design and audience. If you’re comfortable with the standard formats and level of control AdSense offers.
Traffic Source If a significant portion of your traffic comes from regions or demographics not well-served by AdSense. If your audience aligns well with AdSense’s advertiser base, typically traffic from North America and Western Europe.
Site Content If your content niche or type doesn’t align with AdSense policies or is in a specialized field with specific advertisers. If your content is broad appeal and fits comfortably within AdSense’s content policies.
Ad Network Management If you have the resources and expertise to manage and experiment with different ad networks and want to actively optimize your ad strategy. If you prefer a more hands-off approach and value the ease and simplicity of AdSense’s management.
Risk Tolerance If you’re willing to experiment and take risks for potentially higher rewards with other ad networks. If you prefer the reliability and low risk associated with AdSense.
Technical Support If you require more personalized technical support and direct communication with the ad network. If you’re okay with self-service support and the level of assistance provided by AdSense.

Which Adsense Alternative is the Best?


For publishers seeking the highest-paying AdSense alternative, MonetizeMore stands out as the optimal choice. With its focus on high-revenue publishers, advanced ad management services, direct advertiser negotiations, and invalid traffic blocking solutions, MonetizeMore is uniquely positioned to significantly boost ad earnings for publishers globally.

They’ve been catering exclusively to publishers who already generate over $1000 per month in ad revenue. This selective approach has paid off, with the company disbursing over $100 million to its publishers, a testament to its effectiveness and reliability. As a leading adtech partner, MonetizeMore has proven its capability to maximize ad earnings far beyond what traditional platforms offer.

What sets MonetizeMore apart is its comprehensive management of publishers’ ad servers. This service includes optimizing ad placements for maximum visibility and engagement, implementing robust price controls, and eliminating the need for middlemen. By working directly with advertisers, MonetizeMore ensures that its publishers get the best possible deals, leading to a significant increase in earnings compared to AdSense.


As you can see, there are many Google AdSense alternatives to choose from. However, AdSense remains one of the best, if not, the best ad networks available. It’s able to fill more ad space, offer higher CPMs, and produce better results than most other ad networks. Be sure to check out our AdSense course here.

Either way, what works for one publisher, does not necessarily work for another. AdSense could be your highest-earning ad network while another publisher gets better results from The fact remains that you need to test ad networks, ad layouts, implement header bidding, and more.

All this takes much time, and there are lots of room for error. Why not put your ad optimization in the hands of experts? Let MonetizeMore advise you on ad networks, optimize your ads, and help you maximize your ad revenue.

Sign up for a Premium account at MonetizeMore today!


What is the best alternative to AdSense?

It is difficult to say which ad network is the best alternative to AdSense as many factors influence a website’s ad revenue. These include the geographic location of their traffic, the vertical, amount of traffic, the device used, advertiser competition, and much more. It is best to test different ad networks, as mentioned on our list such as MonetizeMore,, DivisionD, Infolinks, Viewdeos, Epom, Velis Media, Brightcom, and Primis. The alternative that is best for your site depends on the particular characteristics of your site. You should check the descriptions of each ad network alternative to identify which is best for your site.

Who is the highest paying AdSense alternative in 2024?

MonetizeMore helps publishers earn over 50-300% more ad revenue when compared to AdSense. Their header bidding, AdOps and bot blocking solutions enables you to get access to premium ad networks, boost revenue and block bots making it a one stop shop for publishers.

Can I use other ads with AdSense?

Yes, you can run other ads with AdSense.

Can I use two AdSense accounts on one site?

You are not allowed to have more than one AdSense account. You can, however, have one AdSense account as an individual and another as a business. Find out all the details here:

Does Google AdSense work on free websites?

Yes, on most free website platforms, you are allowed to place the AdSense code and monetize your blog. Be sure to check with your free website provider whether you are allowed to monetize your blog with AdSense or not. Remember, AdSense is free to join. You can monetize your blog with AdSense ads as long as it meets the requirements and does not violate policies.

Which ads pay the most AdSense?

It depends on many factors such as ad location, content, traffic geography, etc. However, these ad sizes are known to perform the best such as Vignettes and auto-ads.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

Revenue per 1000 AdSense views vary between publishers but generally range between $0.05 - $150. Ad RPM is contingent on ads per page, CTR, traffic quality, vertical, user demographics and several other factors.

"NET RPM increased 61.3% compared to our yearly average before working with MonetizeMore, and NET Revenues increased 54.8%. There is no doubt that turning over the day-to-day management of our ad inventory to MonetizeMore's team of experts has been the right move for our business."


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