How to Optimize Content for Higher CPMs in Adsense and Ad Exchange

AdSense Ad Optimization
February 20, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

For optimizing content for higher CPMs in AdSense and Ad Exchange, consider focusing on niche content to attract specific, high-value advertisers, using data analytics to understand audience behavior and preferences, optimizing site speed to improve user experience and ad viewability, engaging with your audience through comments and social media to increase site loyalty and return visits, and regularly reviewing AdSense policies to ensure compliance and maximize revenue opportunities.

Here are more ways you can optimize your content and overall site layout to get higher CPMs from Adsense and Ad Exchange.

1) Allocate high-engagement areas for both content and ads

You know your heatmaps so take a look at your high-engagement areas. Optimize the content you place there, alongside ads. Chances are, you get more eyeballs reading your content and viewing your ads. High-engagement areas can be above-the-fold, below-the-fold — like at the end of an article where you can place native ads.

2) Implement “Lazy-loading” content and ads

How to Optimize Content for Higher CPMs in Adsense and Ad Exchange MonitizeMore

This mechanism allows content and ads to load only when the user is actively present in the area. So the rest of the ads on a page will only load when the user scrolls. This decreases page load time (hence avoiding users to exit the site); as well as making sure ads are seen and won’t compete with other elements of a page. Lazy loading decreases impressions that are out of view.

Read more about Ad Exchange over here.

3) Minimize iFrames

How to Optimize Content for Higher CPMs in Adsense and Ad Exchange MonitizeMore

The viewability levels of ad tags within iFrames cannot be measured – unless you use friendly iFrames of SafeFrames. So as much as possible, reduce the use of this HTML element onto your page to boost viewability and CPM rates.

4) Go mobile-responsive

How to Optimize Content for Higher CPMs in Adsense and Ad Exchange MonitizeMore

A mobile-responsive site means site elements will be viewed properly when accessed in various devices. A mobile-responsive layout is your number one investment to achieve optimum content and ad viewability. We suggest that you test your current site layout by using Page Insights, and the Mobile-Friendly Test

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5) Create space for vertical ads

According to a Google study, most viewable ads are vertical ads. They come in these dimensions: 120×240, 240×400, 160×600 and 120×600. So when you lay out your page content, it’s advisable that you allot space for these ad slots because they carry great viewability rates to increase your CPMs.

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Increasing impressions is not just about driving traffic. It ultimately means your ads should be visible. The methods we have mentioned above are meant to guide you in optimizing your content and site layout to help you reach your desired CPM levels.

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