How to Respond to a Google Adsense Warning?

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Last updated: August 13, 2020 | by Kean Graham

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How to Respond to a Google Adsense Warning? MonitizeMore

Google sends a warning message for Adsense users for 2 main reasons:

  1. To ask the user to make changes on the site within 3 business days once a violation against Google Policies and terms of service has been committed, and;
  1. To notify the user that ad-serving has been disabled immediately for having incurred a serious violation against Google policies and terms of service.

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How does Google enforce these policies?

All publishers who apply for an Adsense account undergo an evaluation of the site. These sites are being reviewed and monitored for policy compliance as soon as they are already running Adsense. Once a violation occurs, necessary action is being taken: It’s either a warning message to make the necessary change on the site; or an immediate suspension of the account. In the latter’s case, payment is also suspended.

What does a policy notification mean and how to best act on it?

A policy notification is a red bar that you will see on your Home page. It indicates that Google has detected that your site is not in compliance with the AdSense Policies.

To act on it, click the “View Details” link and it will take you to the “Policy Violations” section. There you will find the specific violation and additional information. Here you will also see what actions have been taken by Google as well as the actions that you need to take in order to correct the violation.

Please take note that the details provided is just an example and we encourage you to review the entire site to make sure that the same issue does not exist on other pages of your site. Google will do a spot check 3 days after receiving the warning so make sure that you have taken the necessary actions within the time period provided.

Once changes have already been made, click the “Mark Resolved” button in the Policy Violations section and complete the form to let Google know the steps you have taken.

What to do when ad serving has been stopped?

Ad serving will be disabled to your site when changes are not made within the required time frame. A notification will appear on your Home page when this happens. This includes information whether this is a site-level or an account-level action.

If ad-serving has been disabled on a site-level, you will be provided with the information about the specific violation and an example where the violation was found. An issue ID number will also be provided which you’ll need to submit as part of your appeal after the violation has been fixed. If the notification does not have an Issue ID, then the decision is final and you are no longer allowed to appeal.

Find out more about when ad serving has been limited in AdSense and how to fix it here.

What do I need to do to avoid having my account disabled?

Your Adsense account will be disabled if it has a large history of policy violations and repeats violations.

To avoid having your account disabled, you should be responsive to warning messages sent by Google. Make sure that necessary changes are made within the timeframe provided and make sure that contents and ad placements are compliant with Google Policies.

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Here are a few tips to steer clear from policy violations:

  • Perform a human evaluation of each site before placing ad code on the site’s pages.
  • Proactively review pages with high page view at least once a week.
  • Install keywords filters (such as adult content, pay-to services, hacking content, gambling content, etc.), especially on pages containing user-generated content. Although we’re unable to provide information on a topic such as “keyword filtering” or “content filtering”, you may wish to search for this information on Google.
  • Add a “Report a violation” link to all pages with user-generated content.

If you need to discuss how you can prevent or get out of an Adsense ban in more detail, contact us here.

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