Pulsepoint aka ContextWeb Ad Network Review

Pulsepoint (formerly known as ContextWeb) is a reputable  CPM ad network that performs well for low and high traffic websites alike and does not require clicks to earn revenue. Pulsepoint is based in New York City and was created from a partnership forged between ContextWeb and Datran Media. Mainly, Pulsepoint tends to fill ads best for Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia.

Interface (4/5)

The interface gets points for being very intuitive and easy to use.  Note, however, that there are no reps, publishers must make all configurations through their dashboards. The reporting is comprehensive as calculations and impressions are close to real-time and the dashboard includes informative graphs. One of its strengths is fast page loads.

Performance (3.5/5)

Pulsepoint predominantly focuses on traffic from English speaking countries, especially the US. Hence fill rates will be higher for websites that have sizable US traffic. Their CPM ads do not require clicks and pay by page load. Pulsepoint tries to present ads that are relevant to your website’s content and match the CPM rates with the asking price. Publishers have the ability to control ask price of CPM’s which is key in order to optimize ad revenues. When they are unable to meet the asking price, the ad slots are filled with backup tags.

It’s important that the publisher make sure that the asking price is reasonable in order to have a balance between the backup tag ad and fill rates. Pulsepoint combines reporting and optimization to offer a way to retain profits and provide better insights. Publishers can manipulate reach and frequency planning which makes sure they’ve reached the right audience and campaigns that target similar users.

Better insights involve creating reach and frequency reports, developing compact audience reports that have actionable observations and increasing renewals by combining observations to the on-site audiences. Smarter planning includes a way to target audiences without using cookies, connecting audience data with page-level context, and targeting that is index-based at scale.

Features (4.5/5)

Pulsepoint has some pretty cool notable features including ask price, ad control, and the ability to network with other ad networks. Pulsepoint utilizes various types of targeting technology which includes:  category, language, keyword, browser, website, geographic, referrer, demographic, interest, retargeting, behavioral and dayparting. There is also a variety of types of ads that are offered including Leaderboard (728×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250), Skyscraper (120×600) and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).

Service (2.5/5)

Google can provide you with both positive and negative experiences with Pulsepoint’s customer service.  They do run on a generic service email so it can take a long time to receive a reply, though it does not guarantee a negative experience. There is a live chat feature which can be helpful. The support within the replies tends to be quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Reliability (4.5/5)

Pulsepoint’s payment runs on a net 45 schedule which means publishers get paid 45 days after the last day of the month for which they’re being paid. You have a choice of being paid by cheque, PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer (for US customers only). You will start getting paid once your account reaches the $50 minimum. The payments are generally on time and accurate. Unfortunately, the interface does go down more than other ad networks and it can take a while to get answers for problems due to the generic email service.

Overall (4/5)

Pulsepoint aka ContextWeb has some pretty cool features that are definitely worth noting but there are some areas that could use improvement. To join Pulsepoint there is a minimum amount of traffic required but it’s helpful to have a website that features a lot of original content. Pulsepoint has several categories which your website must fall into in order to be accepted. It can take a few days for your application to be processed if your website isn’t accepted it is possible to file an appeal.

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Kean Graham

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  1. Kenn

    I’ve recently started using PulsePoint and it is still too early to determine if it is a winner for me or now. However, I have no complaints so far. I like the fact that I can determine my own CPM rates. The struggle so far for me is trying to use it with DFP and determining the proper priority to give it in conjunction with my other campaigns.

    • Kean

      Hi Kenn, you should run Pulsepoint at the CPM when you take the total revenues of the Pulsepoint ads and the passbacks divided by the total impressions of the Pulsepoint ads and the passbacks divded by 1,000. It would look like this:

      Price Priority Value CPM = Total Revenue / (Total Ad Impressions/1000)

      This should be updated atleast everyday.

  2. jobio

    I signed up for pulsepoint aka contextweb and still waiting for the results if its ok or not

  3. Punit

    Hi Nadine. I’m a very new publisher using Pulse Point. As you’ve mentioned that it shows real-time data of your performance chart, when I check mine, I can’t see any movement despite getting impressions. Could you throw some light on the possible problem ? Thanks!

    • Kean

      Hi Punit,

      The data real time on an hourly basis. You need to give it time to run ad impressions. You will see the stats update throughout the day.


  4. Smith

    Hi. The payment is no on time for me.
    I don’t get paid for December 2012. (Pass NET50)
    and no response from their support more than a week.

  5. Smith

    I’ve already received.
    They’re delay (NET50)

  6. shami

    I joined then and waiting now my account to be approved .

    is it easy to get approved ? my site has daily 150 Daily visitors


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