Outstream Video Ads and Ad Blockers: Navigating the Landscape

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September 14, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob
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Outstream video ads have emerged as a pivotal advertising medium. Advertisers and publishers alike are reaping the benefits of outstream’s non-intrusive, user-focused design. Yet, the rise in ad blockers poses challenges to this blossoming avenue. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of outstream video ads and the implications of ad-blocking technologies.

Outstream Video Ads and Ad Blockers: Navigating the Landscape MonitizeMore

What are outstream video ads?

Outstream refers to video ad units that appear within the contextual format of a page and a non-video based setting. Distinct from their instream counterparts, they play outside of a video player. They’re integrated within content, often between paragraphs of an article, ensuring a seamless user experience. These ads automatically play when at least 50% of the video is visible. Once the video ends or if the user scrolls past, the ad gracefully closes.

They can also make use of ad units that already exist on a page to display video ads. These video ads often pop up on a page when the user scrolls to a particular location and autoplay with sound on which can make them very annoying for website visitors. Not all do this, and many variations exist, but you get the point.

On the other end, they can be excellent sources of revenue for publishers – hence the problem faced with when Google and Apple decided to start blocking them within their browsers.


  • User-centric: Unlike pop-up ads, outstream video ads are less intrusive, enhancing user experience.
  • Higher Engagement: Positioned within content, these ads often see higher view rates and engagement.
  • Flexibility: They offer publishers the ability to monetize without having video content of their own.

The Surge of Ad Blockers: A Double-Edged Sword

Ad blockers are browser extensions or applications that filter out most advertising content from a website. Their primary goal? Improve the user experience by eliminating intrusive ads.

Why Users Opt for Ad Blockers:

  • Enhanced Browsing Speed: Without ads, web pages often load faster.
  • Minimized Distractions: Users can focus solely on the content they desire.
  • Reduced Data Consumption: Especially crucial for mobile users with limited data plans.

The Implications for Outstream Video Ads

While ad blockers aim to improve user experience, they inadvertently affect outstream video ads. These ads, designed with user experience in mind, get caught in the broad net cast by ad blockers. This can lead to:

  • Reduced Revenue for Publishers: With ads being blocked, publishers see a decline in ad impressions and, consequently, revenue.
  • Limited Reach for Advertisers: Brands can’t engage potential customers if their ads aren’t displayed.

Navigating the Outstream Video Ad and Ad Blocker Conundrum

It’s imperative for publishers and advertisers to find middle ground. Here’s a strategy to consider:

  1. Educate Users: Inform your audience about the non-intrusive nature of outstream video ads.
  2. Ad Quality Control: Ensure ads are relevant and of high quality to minimize user irritation.
  3. Engage in Transparent Communication: Be upfront about how ad revenue supports quality content creation.
  4. Implement Acceptable Ad Standards: Align with initiatives that define non-intrusive ad criteria.

Decoding the Future of Outstream Video Ads

With technology continually evolving, the tug-of-war between ad content and ad blockers will persist. Yet, by focusing on user experience and transparency, outstream video ads have the potential to be both profitable and appreciated by audiences.

The AdTech landscape is in a constant state of flux. With advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the future might see outstream video ads becoming more personalized. Imagine ads that curate content based on user behavior, preferences, and past interactions. Such precision can significantly enhance relevancy, making these ads less likely to be perceived as intrusive.

Furthermore, advancements in AI and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies could redefine the way we perceive outstream video ads. Instead of a flat, 2D display, users might be able to interact with these ads in a 3D virtual space, making the advertising experience more immersive and engaging.

Voice search and voice-activated devices are another frontier. As these devices become more mainstream, there’s potential for outstream video ads to be integrated seamlessly, responding to voice commands and providing auditory as well as visual content.

Moreover, as concerns about data privacy grow, we anticipate a rise in transparency tools associated with outstream video ads. Users might have more control over what data is shared, ensuring a balance between personalized content and privacy.

Lastly, collaboration is key. Publishers, advertisers, and technology providers must work hand-in-hand to innovate and ensure that outstream video ads remain a valuable tool in the ever-evolving digital advertising toolkit.


Outstream video ads offer a promising avenue for advertisers and publishers. However, the increasing adoption of ad blockers demands an adaptive and proactive approach. By championing user experience and fostering transparent communication, the digital community can ensure that both ads and content thrive in harmony.

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