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Video ads formats in Mobile App

Most advertisers rely on video ad formats to be effective in their ad campaigns. According to experts, it is 5 times more effective than display/static media ads. The performance of video advertising formats depends on how well it is suited to user experience and advertising platform capacity.

There are many video ad formats available:

Rewarded video ads

These video ads are interactive online ads that allow users to interact with the ad unit for a certain reward and give users a reward after watching a video. These ads have the best completion rates and are considered highly interactive.

Pros of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Higher Engagement
  • Higher Completion Rate
  • 100% customer satisfaction, as viewers and users get rewards or loyalty points post video watch time.

Cons of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads do not help with the LTV (lifetime value) for  advertising
  • Low-quality traffic if the ones watching the video ads are not specifically interested in the ad. The main objective of watching these rewarded video ads is the reward they are expecting to get.
  • If the call to action is not direct or powerful enough, rewarded video ads are a waste.

Video Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are often full-screen ads and appear when the user scrolls to the next level or section of the game/app.

They are extremely effective in increasing the user’s awareness and engaging them for a shorter duration. They usually have a higher click-through rate compared to other ad formats.


Playable ads

Playable ads are interactive videos that are shown inside the apps. They are sometimes called demo versions of other games. Before installing, the user can play this demo version and later has the option to install the game.

Pros of Playable Ads:

  • Strong Interaction & Engagement Rate.
  • Higher Conversions.
  • High LTV (lifetime value) and low uninstall rates. Those who install the app are likely to engage with it and users are more likely to open the app again.

Cons of Playable Ads:

  • Increase in cost since playable ads require extensive iteration time.
  • Playable ads usually do not mirror the actual user experience of the app.

Reveal video

A reveal video ad is an in-content video ad that takes a specific action once the user scrolls down the page. It gets placed in the visibility zone after the first paragraph. They usually have simple implementations and better viewability.

App Open ads

App Open ads is an ad format that allows publishers to show ads when a user opens an app. These ads are designed to work seamlessly across the apps’ loading screens.

Here are some of the mobile video ad and creative best practices that publishers can implement for better user experience:

Coherent video aesthetics

The video should be coherent with the app store’s aesthetic. A well-designed video ad should also make the user feel like they’re getting a real app purchase. It is important that the ad is well-designed and has a visual style that mimics the app or store that the user is going to install.

App/Brand logo

Ideally, the app or logo should be placed on every frame in the video to help recall and recognize the brand. The use of both the app icon and the logo should be combined to create a memorable and effective video.

Optional Audio for video ads

Videos should make sense without audio. Having the audio off-limits makes them less intrusive for users. A good way around this is to use captions and subtitles, as they allow for slightly more complex soundless content.


Engaging users’ attention

Video ads that engage users during the first few seconds are important. They should also be easy to follow.

In-app video advertising is a great way to acquire and engage mobile users. It’s also one of the most effective mobile marketing tactics to use. In-app video ads are incredibly viewable. For Publishers, the video ads have been completed at an average rate of over 90%.

If you’re interested in learning more about video ads on your mobile apps, reach out to us and get in touch with our team of experts.

How to choose the right Mobile Ad Format

There is no golden rule when it comes to picking the best ad format for your rewarded video ad campaign. The best ad format for you will depend on your needs.

Due to the variety of ad formats and rich media elements available, publishers have ample opportunities for creativity. Regardless, you need to start somewhere.

Here are a few questions that may help you identify the best ad format for your mobile marketing campaign:

#1. Who’s your audience?

#2. Do you prefer less invasive ads?

#3. What are your ad campaign monetization goals?

#4. Enrich User Experience (UX) or balance UX with revenue?

#5. What inventory & platform are you looking to target?

#6. Are you planning to run engagement campaigns or branding campaigns?

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It’s inevitable that mobile advertising will become more creative and innovative. As the industry evolves, new formats will emerge. For now, video ads & interstitial ads appear quite promising (at least according to current statistics).

Due to the fact that we all want to reach different audiences, it’s necessary to consider what works best with UX. Try out various mobile ad formats and see what works.

Analyze the data you collect continuously. Try experimenting with mobile ad format, placement, and frequency combinations for your campaigns.

The main thing to consider is to work with the best partner who can help you optimize ad content that works best for your audience.

This helps you get a high response rate from your users. As a publisher, the best practice is to provide the best UX for the ad and provide value. This will engage your users while delivering an impact on your app recall which increases your value.

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