How MonetizeMore Publishers 3X Ad Revenue Overnight

Last updated: November 7, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on November 7th, 2022

In this blog post, we spill the tea on our secret sauce for getting you 3X more ad revenue fast.

Here’s the tea:

  • Going through the baseline open market ad revenue potential of one high-quality site
  • Add our 1 line advanced ad code for instant easy header bidding implementation.
  • Boost premium revenue from strong direct sales and add lift from the competition and flooring sales.
  • Loop in the world’s most advanced ad technology relationships that isn’t available elsewhere.
  • Top it up with our exquisitely tailored ad-layout optimizations & our support teams.

How do publishers make more money at MonetizeMore?

Meanwhile, in the ad network rumor-Ville, people usually assume the following:

  • Every programmatic ad agency butters you up with marketing gimmicks stating you can make more ad revenue with us. Whose actions speak louder than their words? (Perplexed right?)
  • It doesn’t matter where you go since all ad managers have access to the same ol’ advertising sources.
  • Why bother since they all use the same SSPs & DSPs- the latter is revenue shares.

These are the rumors that have been floating around in Reddit forums and personal chats whenever someone is trying to decide which ad management company they need to be choosing ultimately.

Let’s get real here:

In the publishers’ marketplace, ad space is programmatically bought & sold via automated bidding.

Personalized & advanced ad technology like ours is what works best with these kinds of auctions.

Connecting your site to SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) like Google AdX or DFP will enable your site to automatically earn a base amount of revenue.

However, open-market ad spending should be one of the pieces to your website’s ad monetization pie.

Without addon options of advanced ad tech services and premium header bidding custom options, you are missing out on a major piece of the ad revenue pie.

1. MonetizeMore’s one-line ad code for the world’s best header bidding implementation

In order to take home the ad earnings you deserve, you need to get down and dirty with the right ad technology.

You’re likely to miss out on the best bids for your ad slots if your site is running slow or poorly-coded ad technology.

Our one-line ad code for the header-bidding implementation is here to the rescue!

When a visitor lands across a page on your website, our ad code takes care of everything to make sure the highest paying ads are shown all the time.

Below are MonetizeMore’s Ad Network partners that have been tested & proven as top performers:



We have extensive custom code designed on top of those platforms that optimizes, enhances, & amplifies ad revenue based on AI-driven systems that provide real-time feedback for every circumstance.

As a Google certified partner (since 2010), the publishers we work with benefit from our constant access to the hottest updates about the ever-changing ad industry, putting them 10 steps ahead of their contemporaries.

We strive to drive even the tiniest increments of revenue for you by testing, tweaking, and improving our ad code constantly, ensuring maximum value is available every time ads load on your site.

2. PubGuru Header Bidding Wrapper (You can’t get this anywhere else)

What makes us the industry standard header bidding solution?

PubGuru header bidding offers industry-standard support & reporting, customized ad ops and optimizations developed and implemented by yours truly.

Here’s why you need to choose Pubguru header bidding:

Dynamic AdX Floors: Use header-bidding bids to dynamically adjust AdX floors on every single impression.

AI-powered viewability bidding: Allow bidders to buy based on the viewability of units, not just unit codes.

Bid Scaling: Monitor & adjust ad partners based on their net revenue. You can keep your auctions transparent so that advertisers pay you the best amount for your ad space.

Currencies: Real-time currency conversions.

GDPR consent strings: Pass consent strings to compliant bidders so they stay in the auction.

Dynamic, multivariate & custom timeouts: Based on the user’s location & device type, choose between hardcoded and multivariate timeouts.

Here’s an infographic representation of our features:


3. Ad Layout Testing (RIP manual ad placements)

It’s high time to start customizing ad layouts for your visitors.

With MonetizeMore, get exclusive A/B testing-based ad layout optimizations with total control of your site at all times.

3.1 Heightened eCPM

We maximize the yield of every impression for web publishers by using machine learning to automate A/B testing and premium demand.

3.2 Refined User Experience

Aside from creating separate ad layouts for desktops and mobiles, we only use the most effective ad formats that are low on intrusiveness and high on viewability. Better user experience is the main priority!

3.3 Automated A/B testing

M2’s ad optimization platforms always test & optimize each ad unit based on color, type, size & respective locations to adapt to the most appropriate ad setups for your site.

Post this, we share with you the complete report comparing present & past performance precisely.

3.4 Demand Optimization & Personalization (Google AdSense included)

Our publishers get access to industry-standard global campaigns, as we plug premium yield from our top-notch ad network partners & exchanges into your ads.

Ad layouts are personalized in a way that the ads shown can relate to the targeted audience segments based on parameters like location, device type, browser, etc.

This is how we are able to amplify user experience and ad yield.

4. Google Ad Exchange ( for more ad revenue)


Here’s the value we offer with Google Ad Exchange:

  • AdSense on steroids.
  • Higher paying advertisers are ever-willing to pay a higher CPM for your ad spots.
  • Optimization tools within AdX that AdSense just does not have.
  • Invites only from Google.
  • Minimum: 500K pageviews/month.

5. MonetizeMore binds publishers to exclusive ad technology alliances

Although independent publishers do not have the same access to technology partnerships as big names in the ad industry, we can grant you access to the best ad technology that you might not find elsewhere.

No, we don’t ask for your soul in return.

We have more than 11 years of proven scale to land these kinds of partnerships (Wowzers!)

With the MonetizeMore community which has been there in the ad tech game longer than any other programmatic ad management company, our numbers prove that we forge industry-standard alliances on behalf of MonetizeMore publishers:

  • Granting MonetizeMore publishers access to premium advertiser demand by partnering with tier-1 ad network partners. These connections are up close and direct between publishers and DSPs.
  • Killing bad ads before they even originate on your website with Traffic Cop.
  • Offering MonetizeMore publishers premium and high-paying ad formats with our PubGuru Header Bidding Wrapper. FYI, pubs earn more than 20K/month with our header bidding wrapper.

6. Premium Publisher Model:

AdX, HB, Non-HB networks are all managed via DFP

– We are your ad tech department

– Completely transparent team

– We focus on AdOps so you focus on what you do best

– Pubs earning >$30K/month.

This is why our clients love us

Once you partner with MonetizeMore, you benefit from tonnes of legit integrations. These integrations are so coherent that you will forget about everything else and only see higher RPMs.

Our actions always speak louder than our words!

Wrap Up

In order to design a completely custom ad layout for you, we take the time to learn about your site, your audience, and your revenue goals.

Our best practices have been refined over 11 years, but we don’t do basic and boring templates or force your website to fit into an all-in-one ad layout.

Our team of ad-tech nerds (200+ and counting) will be glad to handle all ups and downs & optimizations for your site. You work on your content while we do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Our main aim is to help publishers reach their ad revenue goals. A report is provided regarding each and every ad optimization on a regular basis.–8LVksI

MonetizeMore’s secret money-making magic spell isn’t so secret anymore, but we wanted to show you how you can ensure that you’ll make more money with us.

Since M2 has proven to increase RPM time after time for publishers who join (sans over-filling up your site with a tonne of ads! ), we assure that those who qualify for MonetizeMore will experience higher ad earnings here than elsewhere.

Time to take that ad revenue to the next level- apply here!

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