How to Properly Test PubGuru DataGuard – GDPR Consent Management

How to Properly Test PubGuru DataGuard – GDPR Consent Management

If you have implemented our consent management system, PubGuru DataGuard for GDPR compliance, but you’re not getting the popup when testing, it can be frustrating. In this article, we want to show you how to fix this issue and get the consent management system working as it should.

There are three possible reasons you’re not getting the popup to work:

  1. Your computer is set to a non-EU timezone
  2. Your IP address is non-EU
  3. Your computer recognizes that you have consented before

Steps to properly test PubGuru DataGaurd popup:

Step 1: Change your computer timezone to EU

set time zone

Step 2: Use a VPN to change your IP location to an EU country

choose VPN location

Step 3: Delete the cookies that contain the information that you have consented before

While the site is open, launch devtools (Press F12 on your keyboard OR right click > inspect)

Click on Application tab > Cookies > click the domain

check cookies

Look for “consentId” > delete

find consentid

Look for “euconsent” > delete

application screenshot

Look for “gdpr” > delete

look for GDPR screenshot

Step 4: Reload the site, and you should get the PubGuru DataGuard popup

To review our implementation guide, check here:


Quick guide for TCF2.0 compliance, when you have onpage codes (e.g. AdSense, AdX, GAM tags, Google Analytics):

Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 (TCF2.0) Compliance – Guide for MonetizeMore Publishers



Now you know exactly how to test the PubGuru DataGuard consent management tool and make sure that it’s working correctly. If you want to find out how MonetizeMore can help publishers comply with GDPR and optimize your ad revenues, sign up today!

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