Why Ad Exchange Ads are Better

Ad Exchange Ad Optimization

Google AdSense is good enough for a lot of publishers who simply want to run ads and monetize their websites. Google’s AdSense bidding system will pick and choose ads based on their algorithms to make sure that you’re earning adequate RPMs.

adexchange_ads_are_betterBut what about those who want to juice their revenue? What can they do?

We recommend that these publishers who want to increase their revenue potential run Google Ad Exchange ads. Google Ad Exchange is Google’s premium ad service, and with it, you can run premium ads with high eCPMs.

Google Ad Exchange’s ads are better because that’s where Google runs its big ad buyers. These are the ad buyers who are willing to pay more to run their ads on high-performing websites.

There’s just one problem: it isn’t terribly easy to get a Google Ad Exchange account without an invitation from Google. They’ve historically been very picky about which publishers they allow into their program, and who can blame them? This is Google’s top ad network, after all. They want to protect their premium brand.

To get in on the Ad Exchange action, contact MonetizeMore. We help publishers like you get special access to Ad Exchange. Start supercharging your ad revenue with Google Ad Exchange!

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