What is the New Ad Exchange Query Tool?

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Who doesn’t love the Performance Reports in Ad Exchange? I think it does provide all information that I need at a glance but Google has announced another exciting news about their recent improved reporting segment in Ad Exchange: the new Ad Exchange Query Tool.

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Will this replace the performance reports, you say? Yes, it will. There is no definite date given yet but it will surely be happening really soon.

How is this different from the performance report that’s already inside AdExchange? Envision a more robust and flexible type of reporting right in your fingertips! Yes, you heard it right. This new query tool is not just a normal reporting interface but has new features that will give you more capability to customize reports according to your needs.

Its best features include

  • Ability to delete or clone the query you have set up
  • An option to preview the reporting set up
  • Automated report generation on a regular basis

Other benefits of the Query Tool

  • View performance breakouts by week, quarter, or month.
  • Create and edit queries as needed. Queries can be saved for recurring use.
  • Set default queries which automatically run when the Query Tool is accessed.
  • Generate reports from predefined system queries or copy and customize system queries.
  • Generate preview of reports to quickly see what the queries will look like without having to actually run the query.
  • Automate report generation (i.e., schedule reports to run on a regular basis) which also allows you to share your report in a CSV format with selected individuals on your team.

If you love pivot in Excel where you can customize the dimensions and metrics you want, then that is what to expect in this new Query Tool. The best part? You can save this customized setup as your default reporting convention. Imagine how much time this new tool can save you!

Here’s a list of important queries you might find useful – https://support.google.com/adxseller/answer/3306111?hl=en&ref_topic=4587966. MonetizeMore is an industry leader in ad monetization. We help publishers utilize the new AdExchange Query Tool for more convenient and accurate ad reporting.

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