How in-app publishers can increase app speed and minimize app size

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June 5, 2020 | by Kean Graham
How in-app publishers can increase app speed and minimize app size

No app user enjoys using a bloated, slow-loading mobile app. If an app is overloaded with ads and takes a long time to load, most users will probably end up deleting it. For publishers already spending money on advertising, marketing, and acquiring these users, it’s tough. To get a new user to download their app and then have them delete it minutes or even seconds after is like throwing money into the fire.

Here at MonetizeMore, we help publishers earn more ad revenue from their existing ad inventory, whether they focus on mobile, desktop, in-app, or a combination. We’ve got some simple, but effective tips to help you decrease churn, increase app speed, and minimize app size. These tips are geared towards publishers that monetize their apps with ads.

Limit SDKs and chainloading ad networks

The more SDKs or chainloading ad networks you add to your app code, the larger the size and slower the speed. We recommend utilizing the Google Mobile Ads SDK instead. Besides all the benefits of running Open Bidding and server-to-server connections, the Google Mobile Ads SDK will dramatically improve your app’s performance.

Instead of integrating multiple SDKs into your app code, you can incorporate almost all of your ad partners through Google’s SDK. You can see the list of ad partners able to connect with the Google Mobile Ads SDK here. As a result, your app size remains small, speed improves, and there is less coding bloat. You also get the added benefits of extensive development work needed for adding all those SDKs to your app.

If the ad network you are running is not part of the Google SDK partner list, we recommend running no more than 1-2 individual ad networks and their SDKs as well as the Google SDK. Although this is not ideal, it will still provide some speed and app size optimization benefits.

Utilize PMP deals as much as possible

Publishers should try to use PMP deals (Private marketplace or direct deals) as much as possible for their apps. It’s easy to set this up directly in Google Ad Manager. This will also ensure that these deals can compete with Open Bidding/EBDA or any direct campaigns as well. Be sure to use API integrations for different ad networks like Criteo. It may require some development work in the beginning (like adding the ad unit code), but it’s an easy option as well.

Additional tips for improved speed and smaller app sizes

More traditional methods of decreasing app sizes also remain. These include image file optimization, removing redundant code, and much more. Here are some additional tips for Android and iOS developers and publishers.




App size and speed are important. Monetizing your app with ads effectively is critical. One influences the other and vice versa. App publishers are often focused heavily on app development and the coding aspect of their business. To some, ad monetization means slapping on a few SDKs, letting ads run, and hoping for the best. We’re here to tell you there is a better way!

At MonetizeMore, we’ll help you optimize your ads to make sure you’re earning the highest ad revenue possible. We’ll take care of your ad optimization while you focus on creating apps that users love! Are you ready to take your app business to the next level? Sign up to MonetizeMore today!

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