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Last updated: August 12, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 12th, 2022

Most online publishers think remnant ad inventories are the failure portion of a website that the direct sales team couldn’t sell. Well, remnant inventories are actually a fact of life in the online world. Many mistakes the same people make is completely forgetting about their remnant inventories and instead concentrating the majority of their efforts on direct sales and traffic generation. What people haven’t realized is that to implement a remnant inventory strategy could in fact boost performance and revenues of direct sales.

Yes I know, sounds a bit surprising. Implementing a remnant inventory strategy opens your website to a whole new pool of advertisers that your direct sales team wouldn’t have been able to attract. This new pool of advertisers does three key things that bolster direct sales growth efforts:

  1. New User Data: The new pool of advertisers brings in new creatives, new ideas and new data from the ad networks. You will be able to learn more about your users, new ways to target your users and share interesting data from the ad networks you work with.
  2. Decreased Ad Blindness: If your users see the same advertisements over and over they are going to be as blind as a bat to your advertisements. Think about it, if you saw the same TV commercial 6 times consecutively, would you not be annoyed and block it from your attention? This is what consistently happens in online advertising today. Once users see the same ads over and over they are blind to all your ads, including direct sales ads. You can prevent this by implementing a multi ad network strategy that implements variety in your ad serving.
  3. It takes a well run remnant inventory strategy to boost your direct sales performance. If your remnant inventory strategy is embraced in the right way, direct sales can benefit from decreased ad blindness, increased advertising prestige and user data that inform direct sales what works for reaching your users. These three effects of an effective remnant inventory strategy will enable direct sales to flourish. Increased Advertising Prestige: The majority of the advertisers who advertise on ad networks are large brands that seek brand awareness campaigns. These brands are generally household names like Proctor & Gamble products, Coca Cola, Nike, etc. When prospective advertisers see these prestigious advertisers on your website they will unconsciously think that your website is a high-quality advertising platform. Advertisers will be much more comfortable paying premium CPM’s knowing their brands will be side-by-side with prestigious brand names.

To learn how to implement an effective remnant inventory strategy that will boost your direct sales, contact us here.

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