Will Google Ad Manager work if my Adsense account was disabled?

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Last updated: September 6, 2021 | by Kean Graham
Will Google Ad Manager work if my Adsense account was disabled

This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2021

Publishers can lose their ad accounts for various reasons. More often than not, they get banned from AdSense due to invalid traffic. It’s not an easy situation to find yourself in, and you may or may not get your AdSense account reinstated. Today we’re diving deeper into a publisher’s ability to continue using other Google Ad products.

We’re going to discuss whether or not a publisher can continue using Google Ad Manager (GAM) and Google Ad Exchange (AdX) even when banned from AdSense.

Can a publisher continue using Google Ad Manager if their AdSense account is temporarily inactive, banned, or busy appealing a ban?

Keep in mind that GAM is an ad server and does not make payments to publishers. Publishers can connect their ad networks and demand partners (AdSense, Ad Exchange, and many others) to the ad server to optimize their ad inventory and revenue. In other words, it’s the demand partners that pay ad revenue to publishers and not GAM. Meaning that a publisher can continue using Google Ad Manager even if they’ve lost their AdSense account.

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is a different story. We’ve seen publishers banned from AdSense while using GAM and still be able to run AdX demand. However, you are more likely than not going to have your account disabled across both platforms (AdX and AdSense) and could face issues receiving payment for AdX.

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Keep in mind that Google Ad Exchange is yet another demand partner you can use to power up your ad stack and increase competition between advertisers.

What should you do next?

As said before, having your AdSense account banned due to invalid traffic is a very tricky situation. You don’t have any guarantee that you’ll get it reinstated, but you should certainly try. Focus on showing the Google AdSense team that you are serious about preventing invalid traffic to your site and from clicking on your ads.

For this reason, MonetizeMore has created Traffic Cop! Traffic Cop is a service that helps protect publishers from the effects of invalid traffic. It uses machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to detect and prevent invalid traffic from clicking on your ads.

It’s one thing to detect invalid traffic, but the only way to protect your AdSense account and potentially get it reinstated is by showing them that you are preventing invalid traffic from clicking on your ads.

Find out more about Traffic Cop here.

Supplement your appeal with proof using screenshots of your analytics tools showing how your traffic sources changed, the pattern of pageviews and sessions volume over time, and any other data that will help you present a stronger case.

What if you don’t get your AdSense account reinstated and you are having trouble with Ad Exchange?

This is not an ideal situation, but if it happens, there are AdSense alternative ad networks you can use to monetize your ad inventory while utilizing all the capabilities of Google Ad Manager.

However, every publisher’s situation is different. One ad network might outperform AdSense for you, while for another publisher, it performs poorly. Our ad ops teams are standing by, ready to assess your particular situation and get you on track to take your ad revenue to new heights no matter what challenges you are facing! Sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today!

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