The Best Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2018 (List Of 10+ Digital Companies To Choose From)

The Best Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2018 (List Of 10+ Digital Companies To Choose From)

The Best Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2018 (List Of 10+ Digital Companies To Choose From)

It’s the start of a new year and what better way to ensure your publisher business’ success in 2018 than partnering with the best ad networks in the industry?

biggest blog advertising networks list 2016, 2017 & 2018Early each year publishers tend to see a downward trend in their revenues, a regular occurrence, as many advertisers spend the bulk of their budgets during the fourth quarter of the year. The fact is, you shouldn’t panic at all.

Instead, here at MonetizeMore, we believe that it’s the best time to plan out your annual strategy to make sure that you’re generating the best results from your ad inventories.

To help you save time and skyrocket your success, we’ve reviewed multiple top advertising networks in the industry and picked the top ad networks for publishers to consider for the 2018-2019 period.

With this list, and our industry-leading ad optimization techniques (subscribe to our newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss any tips) you’re bound to make 2018 the most lucrative yet.      

If you’d like to fast forward to a list of ad networks that would be the best fit for your site and vertical, you should contact us and book a free consultation.      

Best Publisher Ad Networks for 2018


Click here to see what our CEO and leading industry ad optimization expert, Kean Graham’s tips are for publisher success in 2018.


1. Doubleclick Ad Exchange


Despite the continued adoption of Header Bidding, Google’s Ad Exchange network remains the best demand source for publishers in 2018. It serves as the premium version of AdSense and includes many noteworthy features such as:

  • Preferred deals
  • Account level filtering and blocking
  • Customizable reports based on publishers parameters
  • The ability to set your inventories as branded, semi-transparent and anonymous
  • The ability to block vendors
  • Dynamic Allocation in DFP and DFP Small Business
  • And much more…

Keep in mind that if you’re a modest publisher (not generating millions of visitors per month), the reality is that you are less likely to get an Ad Exchange account.

Don’t despair though, since we’re a certified Google partner; you can sign up to Ad Exchange with MonetizeMore to get access to this premium, top ad network, special features and most of all the potential for higher CPMs.


2. Sovrn

sovrn online ads network logo

Sovrn is an innovative programmatic network company that is constantly seeking to help their publisher partners earn more. Aside from providing industry-standard banners, they offer a wide range of advertising types such as onScroll InView ads, VPAID, VAST video and recently, a header bidding solution.

Besides previously mentioned features, they have their own set of premium advertisers that publishers can further use to increase revenue and monetize ad inventories.

Click here to sign up for Sovrn.


3. Facebook Audience Network


Some say that Facebook’s Audience Network (FAN) could be Google’s biggest threat. Most are unsure whether Facebook’s online ad network for publishers will ever surpass Google. However, we can attest to the fact that they have improved many of our publishers’ revenues in recent years.

FAN allows publishers to optimize their mobile ad inventory monetization by granting them access to over 4 million global advertisers.

Facebook has further strengthened their position within mobile monetization with their Facebook Instant Articles project which allows publishers to utilize Facebook’s platform for content delivery and monetization with the FAN.

This network also supports a variety of valued advertising formats from standard banners to custom native ad units.

Click here to for more information on the Facebook Audience Network.


4. District M


District M is a 100% Canadian Data Management Platform that provides unique solutions for both publishers and advertisers. They currently run a widely popular platform called the District M Exchange that offers publishers a very lucrative revenue boost averaging 30-60%.

Their header bidding solution was one of MonetizeMore’s top performers in 2017 and is expected to keep being a great addition to our list of digital advertising networks and partners in 2018. They offer very high CPMs that have resulted in positive growth for many of our premium publisher partners.

Click here to for more information about the District M network.


5. bRealtime


bRealtime, a division of CPXi, is a media and technology company that caters to both publishers and advertisers. They offer display, mobile, video, and high impact ad units.

What we tend to love about them is that they offer fixed CPM pricing units and can monetize all publisher inventories across multiple geo-locations. This feature can specifically be favorable for publishers with mixed geographical location traffic sources not all focused on tier one countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

In 2016 they released Biddr°360 and became one of MonetizeMore’s official header bidder partners. Their bidder boasts features like real-time transparency and on-demand optimization.

Click here to sign up for bRealTime.


6. PulsePoint


PulsePoint is a global advertising platform with a track record for over five years and has since added much value to many of MonetizeMore’s publisher partners.

The Pulsepoint programmatic exchange offers unique demand and flexible integrations through their proprietary API.

Recently, in 2017, they launched their header bidding solution designed for a better demand competition with minimal integration hassle.

Click here to find out more about the PulsePoint ad exchange.


7. 33across


33Across is one of the few companies that have not developed their header bidding solution yet but still managed to outperform some companies with header bidding solutions in 2017.

An ad-tech company at heart, 33across is well-known for industry high viewability of their online ads. Viewability has long since been a significant factor for publishers, as in 2016 some advertisers started paying for vCPM or cost-per-thousand-viewable only.

When testing the 33across advertising network in 2018 within your ad stack, you might want to evaluate how your ads are shown to your audiences since it will have an impact on your revenue.

Furthermore, 33across banner ad networks provides standard formats, mobile, video, and other impactful ad units for publishers to choose from.

Click here to learn more about 33across here.


8. Defy Media


Defy Media was a new addition to our list of partners in 2017 which we decided to keep for this year. They are a digital media company that produces original online content and own YouTube channels with enormous followings (over 75 million) for millennials online.

Their header bidder solution has brought additional revenue to our publishers and is worth testing for publishers with a millennial-focused audience.

Click here to find out more about Defy Media.


9. 152 Media

152 media advertising network logo

152 Media is one of the fastest growing digital media companies that provide solutions to publishers, agencies, and advertisers. The products offered include display, mobile, and video ad units and they can also monetize 100% of your ad inventories worldwide.

In 2017 MonetizeMore added them to our list of header bidding partners. We believe 152 Media will continue to bring incremental revenues to our clients across the board for 2018 and years to come.

Click here to sign up to 152 Media


10. OpenX

OpenX is one of the blue-chips in the advertising industry. They run a state of the art global programmatic market and can provide publishers access to the first-rate advertisers – an excellent choice for premium publishers.

Moreover, their OpenX bidder is one of the leading header bidding solutions that publishers used in 2017.

Since the maturity of header bidding and continues improvements, we believe this trend will only keep on growing.

Learn more about OpenX here.


11. AppNexus

the AppNexus ad exchanges list logo

AppNexus is a leading adtech company that offers a wide range of publisher, buyer and programmatic advertising industry related solutions. The AppNexus publisher suite is an all-encompassing platform that provides SSP, Analytics, AdServer technology and more to publishers.

Through AppNexus publishers can get access to one of the top ad exchanges in the industry, an enormous pool of ad inventories, at peak more than 10 million daily impressions, to monetize their content and get the best returns for each impression.

AppNexus are seen more like an ad exchange, some companies even use their software and reporting functionalities to set up publisher networks of their own.

We only recommend AppNexus for advanced publishers with a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising and the technology supporting it.

Click here for more information about AppNexus’ publisher solution.


12. Amazon Publisher Services

Amazon publisher services offer publishers a cloud-based header bidding service where they get access to a transparent advertising marketplace and shopping insights analytics service. The platform allows publishers to grow their revenue, gain a better knowledge of their users and even improve their user experience.

Their marketplace helps publishers websites to connect to Amazon ad inventories and via SSPs to many more ad buyers all over the web directly increasing competition and revenue.

Amazon offers a transparent reporting interface where publishers can experience transparent fee structures, auction level reporting and see bidders compete equally.

Click here to find out more about Amazon Publisher Service.


13. Index Exchange

best ads for website from index exchange

Within the Index Exchange digital advertising network publishers can get access to thousands of brand and premium advertisers making it an excellent source of monetization. These demand partners go through strict vetting processes ensuring that only the best inventory is available.

The platform is built to benefit publishers and serves top of the range technology, transparency, reliability, improved performance and more.

Each ad is screened to meet quality standards which ensure publishers can improve user experience and serve their audience with only the best ads available.

Click here to join Index Exchange.


14. Vertoz

The Vertoz ad network offers publishers a range of services including a self-service SSP option which publishers can use to optimize and increase their revenue generation through programmatic operations. The Vertoz self-service SSP is currently being used by 15000 publishers and runs more than 50 billion impressions per month.

Other options for publishers include their innovative ads solution where the Vertoz network provides publishers with a range of standard and non-standard ad units such as margin ads, interactive footers, timed overlays and more.

They also offer publishers alternative ways of monetization through their affiliate marketing solution allowing partners to earn via a range of monetization methods such as affiliate marketing display campaigns, monetizing social media followings as well as email lists.

It’s no secret that Vertoz offers state of the art publisher services, makes signing up a breeze and has limited requirements for joining their network.

Click here to sign up to Vertoz and earn an additional 15% for your first three months.


Other online advertising networks worth mentioning

Although this post should only include MonetizeMore’s 14 best ad networks for publishers, we can’t help but quickly mention a few more ad providers that didn’t quite make the cut, but is still worth testing in 2018 because of the value that they brought to our publishers in 2017.

These banner advertising networks include:


Tips from MonetizeMore’s CEO, Kean Graham for publisher success: What’s your programmatic revenue strategy for 2018?

There’s no doubt that 2017 was a big year for publishers. Header bidding made significant strides in the industry, ad blocking became more prevalent, and ads.txt was launched.

However, the year is done and like most things in business and life it’s best to look forward instead of dwelling in the past. Whatever type of results you experienced in your publisher business during 2017, whether good, bad, or mediocre, it’s best to learn from them and move on.

This is why we’ve updated and improved our 2017 list of top ad networks to help you realize your dream of publisher success. Your business strategy in 2018 can make or break you.

So, test new display ad networks, implement ad optimization techniques and try out new partnerships.

How MonetizeMore Can Help

  • At MonetizeMore, we help publishers get more revenue from their existing ad inventory.
  • We’re a leading Google Publishing Partner and have a suite of publisher monetization solutions that help our clients hit their revenue targets and solve their ad operations headaches.

While the above list includes the best performing ad networks within our large publisher portfolio, there are hundreds more. Some are very specialized that only perform well in particular verticals. Each site is a completely different story in terms of the ad networks that perform the best so customization is key!

If you’d like to get a customized list of ad networks for your site and vertical, book your free consultation today!

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Kean Graham

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Kean is the resident expert in Ad Optimization covering areas like Adsense Optimization, DFP Management, and third-party ad network partnerships. Kean believes in the supremacy of direct publisher deals and holistic optimization as keys to effective and consistent ad revenue increases.


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