What to do when EBDA stops bidding?

What to do when EBDA stops bidding?

Google’s Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) is also known as Open Bidding. It’s often more commonly been referred to as Google’s alternative to Header bidding. In a nutshell, it’s a server-to-server solution that enables a unified auction to take place where ad exchanges and SSPs bid on publisher ad inventory with Google Ad Exchange. Third-party exchanges compete for publisher ad inventory in real-time, with a server-to-server connection instead of the traditional waterfall auction method.

Why does EBDA stop bidding

You need a Google Ad Manager (GAM) account mapped with Ad Exchange set as “Default for Dynamic Allocation” for EBDA. If your Ad Exchange account has been blocked by Google due to invalid activity or policy violation, then EBDA will have stopped.

What to do when EBDA stops bidding?

You need to fix the violations and appeal to Google for reactivating the ad exchange account. If Google doesn’t reactivate your Ad Exchange account then you will not be able to further use EBDA.

If Google accepts your appeal and reactivates your Ad Exchange account, you need to troubleshoot Exchange Bidding.

Step 1: Make sure that Exchange Bidding is still activated in your GAM account. 

Navigate to the delivery tab > Yield Groups > Your Yield Group should look like “Web” as an environment option.

Step 2: Navigate to the Admin tab > Companies > Ad Networks.

See if your exchange partner is enabled for Exchange Bidding.

Step 3:  It’s important that an exchange must include your GAM account in their pre-targeting configuration before Exchange Bidding begins again. If you see a targeting error, contact the exchange representative directly.

Step 4: You should also check to see if the status of the Yield group or the Yield Partner is set to “Active”. If the status of the group/partner is “Inactive” or “Paused”, impression delivery won’t be possible.

Step 5: If you notice that the yield partner has not started bidding on your inventory, use GAM report to dig into the issue.

  • Filter report: Yield Group Partner
  • Dimension: Yield Group Partner
  • Metric: Yield Group callouts, Yield Group bids

If the report shows callouts but no bids from your exchange partner, contact your representative directly

Step 6: If you encounter a broken creative, or see a creative behaving unexpectedly in your content, you can use the Google Publisher Console. Check the unique Query ID assigned to every Yield Group request.

If you know that the creative comes from an exchange yield partner, contact your representative directly. Otherwise, send this Query ID to your Google Account Manager to confirm the source of the creative.


Although Exchange Bidding is an excellent initiative from Google. If your Google Ad Exchange is permanently banned, header bidding is a very successful advertising technology that helps publishers maximize their advertising revenue.

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