Publisher Series: How to Monetize Online Apps & Games

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Last updated: September 18, 2019 | by Kean Graham
How to Monetize Online Apps & Games

This post was most recently updated on September 18th, 2019

Online games and apps websites drive millions of daily visitors as these are all about highly engaging content. Unlike blog and articles sites, gaming and apps sites have high average time per page and this can be monetized more effectively to generate lots of money.

This article is intended to provide some additional information and guidelines for online apps and games publishers and the ultimate purpose is for them to boost their overall revenues. Below are some useful methods and tips worth testing as you all know testing is the key to double the revenues.

Affiliate marketing

Publisher Series: How to Monetize Online Apps & Games MonitizeMore

Affiliate marketing has always been a good source of extra income and when it comes to online apps and games sites, it really helps generate additional dollars every day. You can create some special placements to display content from apps and games developers and earn money per lead generated from your platform.

Publisher Series: How to Monetize Online Apps & Games MonitizeMore
Partner up with brands that are part of the gaming lifestyle

As you can see from samples above, you’re not just limited to apps and games developers for affiliate marketing partnerships. Also partnering up with brands around the lifestyle of gaming can yield great results.

Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll

Publisher Series: How to Monetize Online Apps & Games MonitizeMore
Sample mid-roll ad featuring a popular puzzle game

These are special types of ads that you can run in your game or app player. You can sign up for AdSense for video account and setup Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll ads to earn additional revenue while the users are enjoying playing the games.

A word of warning though, find the right balance for the frequency of these ads. Having these come out too often and you will run the risk of having users leave your site completely. Remember: they are there to play.

Google implementation guidelines

When it comes to apps and games sites, AdSense for video is the first thing to implement on your game players. However, never forget to follow Google Implementation Guidelines to run the ads for video, or else you can get your account banned. Ensure that the ads are in a reasonable distance from the download link to avoid users to accidentally click on the ad.

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Premium ad networks that perform well on gaming sites

There are special ad networks that perform great on gaming vertical and those are going to be a bonus for your online apps and gaming sites. They work on different models like CPM and CPI (Cost per Install) basis. Kixer is one of the best CPI-based ad networks for gaming sites.

If you have questions on how to monetize your specific publisher site model, sign up FREE as our Premium Publisher and we can develop the right revenue plan for you.

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