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Last updated: January 17, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on January 17th, 2024

In 2024, the programmatic ad tech landscape will be a very different place than it was in 2020. Many publishers are still trying to figure out how to monetize their content, while others have turned to AdTech to help them 3X their ad revenue. Here’s a look at MonetizeMore’s vision of the ad tech landscape for this year.


Demand Side Platforms

A DSP or demand-side platform allows brands and advertisers to buy impressions across publisher properties and submit their ad creatives all in one single adtech platform. 

BEESWAX: Beeswax is a popular Demand-side platform that comes with their own BAAS Bidder-as-a-Service bidding stack that brands and publishers can customize based on their needs.

MediaMath: MediaMath’s advertising technology lets advertisers buy media on their sophisticated platform.

theTradeDesk: theTradeDesk provides advertisers with access to major media buying platforms. This DSP syncs well with mobile, native, and video ads.

Triggit: Triggit builds reliable ad technology to make your ads more optimized and execute real-time bidding decisions instantly. They use machine learning algorithms to optimize impression-based pricing and bidding.

TURN: Turn is known for providing programmatic buying through its DSP and data management & analytics through its DMP.

Efficient Frontier: Efficient Frontier comes with display media buying components to its paid search buying platform. Real-time bidding at the impression level is part of their new display offering and many publishers have been benefiting from their platform.

Supply Side Platforms

The supply-side platform or SSP is the adtech interface that links publishers with available ad content. Supply-side platforms programmatically bid on the publisher’s premium ad space that’s in stock. Once the auction is over, the publisher displays these SSP ads on their app or website. The ad revenue goes to the publisher via the SSP from the media buyer who paid for the impressions in the adtech ecosystem.

PubMatic: PubMatic is the most popular SSP among publishers as it’s linked with Prebid and has multiple branded technologies like OpenWrap OTT.

SmartyAds: SmartyAds is an ad exchange platform for publishers. It is the publishers marketplace generating ad revenue with website monetization or app monetization.

SOVRN: Sovrn is a popular ad partner for publishers when it comes to increasing programmatic revenue and ad monetization.

AppNexus: Owned by Xandr now, AppNexus is one of the top ad exchange businesses where ad inventory can be easily bought and sold.

IndexExchange: IndexExchange is where publishers and media buyers can find high-quality advertising inventory on their global advertising platform.

AdX: Google’s Ad Exchange or AdX previously known as DSP has always been the best and most used demand source for publishers. It’s the higher-end money-making version of Google AdSense.

Criteo: Criteo’s technology ‘Direct Bidder’ improves publishers’ ad revenue by directly connecting only premium ad inventory to premium demand. They offer native ads, native API, standard IAB, and sticky footers.

OpenX: OpenX’s ad platform is known as ‘OpenAudience’. It addresses all aspects of digital advertising & marketing, based on performance, privacy, and Knowledge.

Amazon Publisher Services:  Also known as A9 Amazon associates, they offer publishers their cloud-based suite for header bidding, media buying, and incentivizing on their revenue model.

TripleLift: TripleLift’s reinventing ad placements one medium at a time through programmatic advertising. Their Adtech makes advertising easier for brands and brings publishers the results they’re looking for when it comes to scaling web monetization.

Wunderkind: Wunderkind ads deliver exclusive, patented ad inventory to enterprise-level publishers who are more user experience-oriented.

Sonobi: Sonobi designs advertising solutions & tools for the ad tech industry’s top publishers, media agencies, and advertisers.

Magnite: Magnite was built by combining The Rubicon Project, Telaria, and SpotX. With integrations for all ad channels & ad formats, Magnite claims to be the biggest independent SSP in the world.

Native Ads

Native ads blend along with the style and vibe of their corresponding content, so they come off as an extension of the site experience rather than a “disruptive” ad.

Outbrain: Outbrain offers Native Advertising solutions where advertisers and publishers can attain access to the Outbrain SmartFeed and Ad Network.

Mobvista: Mobvista is a popular programmatic platform that delivers mobile advertising & analytics services to app developers around the world.

Google Ad Manager: Google Ad Manager aka GAM is the most well-known and used sell-side platform and ad server. GAM provides access to programmatic media buying and networks to brands and publishers of all sizes.

Google AdMob: Admob is Google’s mobile app monetization platform for publishers.

RevContent:  Revcontent focuses on publisher partnerships & content development and their main aim is publisher ad revenue growth.

Taboola: Taboola mainly offers native ads and DIY ad campaigns and is mainly known for website pop-ups.

Invalid Traffic Solutions

Invalid Traffic (IVT) Solutions are meant to help detect IVT and combat ad fraud while providing ad quality solutions at the same time empowering publishers to audit and monitor programmatic ads and reduce revenue clawbacks.

Traffic Cop: MonetizeMore’s Traffic Cop detects and analyses Invalid Traffic (IVT) and reduces revenue clawbacks while detecting and preventing ad fraud at the same time.

Oracle: Oracle Ad Fraud detection helps advertisers defend their ad spend & ensures that their ad impressions are viewable and not getting wasted.

WhiteOps: Human Security (formerly White Ops) provides ad fraud solutions through their ‘bot mitigation’ verification services for websites and apps.

Trafficguard: Trafficguard helps publishers deal with ad fraud protection and PPC protection.

Publisher Management Platforms

Publisher management platforms are programmatic adtech companies that allow publishers to offload 90% of their workload to ad operation partners in terms of web monetization, app monetization, and ad revenue amplification.

Pubguru: Pubguru web app comes with top dollar reporting for yield management & has helped 300+ publishers diversify their ad revenues with pubguru header bidding.

Playwire: Playwire offers global ad technology & tools to help publishers improve their ad revenue from their user base & run their businesses more effectively.

Freestar: Freestar offers website & app monetization solutions.

Video Ads

Video Ad Platforms offer a suite of video ad serving tools that makes video advertising more engaging and conversion-driven when it comes to mobile advertising, app monetization, etc.

Teads: The Teads company advertises itself as the world’s number one video advertising marketplace and the inventor of outstream video.

Primis: Primis is a popular video discovery platform that helps publishers make more money by getting their user base to discover high-quality video content.

Chartboost: Chartboost which is owned by Zynga is a top programmatic monetization and advertising platform and has empowered publishers globally to earn high CPMs with their immersive video ads.

AnyClip: With its Visual Intelligence Technology, AnyClip ushers in the AI era when it comes to scaling video ads and content.

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