MonetizeMore assures Publisher Payments [Here’s How]

Last updated: January 18, 2023 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2023

Full-on Transparency when it comes to publisher payments

When it comes to making money as a publisher, there’s no one better to turn to than MonetizeMore. We’re experts in the field, and we can guarantee that you’ll be paid on time every month.

MonetizeMore always pays publishers on time, every time despite an advertiser paying us on time or not. In most cases, publishers pay the price for an ad tech company going out of business, but not at MonetizeMore. As part of our mission to build a publisher-first future, we prioritize taking your monetization game to the next level so that we can be stronger as a whole.

Publishers partnered with MonetizeMore are always paid on time!

Yes, this is nothing new. It has always been this way. MonetizeMore publishers are guaranteed full payments even if advertisers clawback or just don’t pay. Our mission at MonetizeMore is to establish long-term relationships with all our publishers by making accurate and on-time payments.

For this reason, we’ve integrated quick access to your payment settings within the PubGuru platform so you have easy access to them.

MonetizeMore assures Publisher Payments [Here's How] MonitizeMore

On the topmost right corner of the page, click the user icon or profile icon and then click Payment Settings. Your invoices and payout receipts can be found here. The payout receipt overview showcases the following:

MonetizeMore assures Publisher Payments [Here's How] MonitizeMore

  • Payment Type (e.g. Google, Header Bidding, Traffic Cop)
  • Payment Status (Paid, Received, Invoice)
  • Date
  • Statement Period
  • Amount Paid and Currency
  • Download (PDF copy of your payout receipt).

Below the Payment Settings, you’ll be able to configure your payment details easily and readily add or edit existing payment entries. You can click on the blue button labeled ‘Configure Payment Details’ to do this.

MonetizeMore assures Publisher Payments [Here's How] MonitizeMore

Tipalti end-to-end mass payment automation stores your payment details accurately and safely for us; we work with them. To avoid payment delays, make sure all the details are correct and complete. Below are the most popular payment methods available:

The following Payment methods are available based on your country selection, but their availability may differ:

  • Paypal
  • Direct Deposits / ACH
  • E-Cheques / Local Bank Transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cheque

For each payment method, different sets of information may be needed, so make sure you complete all fields carefully for us to facilitate your payments efficiently. As soon as you have filled out your preferred payment method and details, you can click on the next button to arrive at the confirmation page. Should there be a need for you to edit the information you entered, you can always do so.

When you get to the Config Payment Details screen, click on the Edit button and make the changes you want until you get the confirmation message. Depending on the publishers’ bank, payments are processed within one business day.

MonetizeMore assures Publisher Payments [Here's How] MonitizeMore

For proof of payment, we can send a payment report or wire transfer report that shows all details about the payment processing, withdrawal, etc. Else, you can drop a mail at

Our Ad Networks partners payout in USD or CAD, so most of the payments are made in those currencies. If you select eCheck or local wire transfer, you can receive your payouts in your local currency. Other payment methods can also be converted to your local currency if Foreign Exchange fees are incurred. In addition, the Statement of Account will be in USD.

Payouts under $100 USD (100 USD is the minimum payment threshold) will roll over to the next payout cycle.

“Compared to our competitors who take 14 days to process payments, we pay you within 1 business day”


How do I qualify for this?

Publishers can easily qualify for this guarantee by meeting the following requirements:

  • Your website meets all of MonetizeMore’s requirements – get started here by submitting your details.
  • By sharing your past or current ad revenue or traffic data to see if you meet our minimum traffic requirements and we can compare the before and after EPMV, RPMs, etc.


New? Let’s talk!

Publishers should band together to make the maximum ad revenue possible today, and in preparation for the battle to come once third-party cookies are gone.

Our vetting process helps MonetizeMore publishers maximize their revenue potential – but the more amazing, high-quality publishers who join our community, the better we all become. We know you deserve to be paid the absolute most for your incredible content, and at this point in time, we are 100% committed towards doing just that.

We want to work with you to help monetize your traffic and ensure that you’re always paid what you deserve. So don’t wait – contact us today!

For more details, check out:

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  • Communication 10/10
  • Payments 10/10
  • Profesionality 10/10
  • Technicals 10/10
  • Dedication 10/10


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