How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites

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Last updated: November 16, 2020 | by Kean Graham
How to monetize in-house media sites

This post was most recently updated on November 16th, 2020

Running a media news site provides a wide range of opportunities to monetize ads due to having more topics as compared to sites that are highly specialized. Check out tips straight from our team on how best to go about doing this.

1.Run specific advertisement using targeted placements

Publishers having a diverse and multidimensional site that has a lot of different sections providing news stories and articles for every field like Finance, Business, Sports, etc., should run specific advertisement and they must have a well defined and efficient inventory for their site to be able to get high CPMs.

How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites MonitizeMore

2. Ads placement

Places where the ads must be deployed also carry importance when we talk about a site regarding news and media vertical. User engagement on the page is very high and people mostly scroll down the site so the ads placed below the fold also pay well. Publishers must check where the users are engaging with content the most, and place ads on those premium slots. You must also observe the viewability of the ads while creating an ad slot.

How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites MonitizeMore3. Direct Deals

Direct advertisement deals help the media sites get premium demand and premium rates for it. Every media site is specialized in one or more sections and the direct deals are used as a tool to define the overall CPM of the site. You must provide information on opportunities regarding direct deals on the site and be open to direct advertisers.

How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites MonitizeMore
4. Explore new revenue streams keeping user experience in mind

Adding extra valuable streams to your revenue, that actually do not disturb your current inventory but is an additional resource, is always helpful. Anchors, In-Image ads, and native widgets have been proved more fruitful. Test adding them to your media site and see how these help increase performance on your site.

How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites MonitizeMore5. Testing is always worth it!

Always remember that testing is the must-do for online or digital publishers. Never set anything live right away and do proper testing beforehand, collect data and decide on the basis of what analysis says.

How to Monetize In-house Media News Sites MonitizeMore

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