Illicit Advertising Inventory Taken Head On By IAB Tech Lab

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Last updated: August 7, 2020 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on August 7th, 2020

Recently a new standard was published by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) aimed at putting a stop to counterfeit ad inventory. Google contacted its partners, including MonetizeMore, stating that they support the development of this process and will also be incorporating it into their systems. In this post, we’ll quickly explain this development and show you what top ad executives have to say about it.

The Tech Lab’s tool, called ads.txt, is aimed at eliminating the illicit ad inventory market by preventing the occurrence of fraudulent programmatic transactions. These type of operations commonly include deals of false or unauthorized impressions.

The tool represents a directory of approved sellers that publishers can post to their sites. Programmatic Buyers can then use this list to eliminate fake or falsified inventory by looking at the publisher ads.txt files.

The ad industry desperately needs to address the issue of criminal activities that steal billions with their fraudulent activities. With this tool, you will know when you are dealing with a valid programmatic reseller and help increase transparency within the industry.

Here is what the Senior VP of Tech And Ad Operations from IAB, Alanna Gombert, had to say about the new tool:

With the introduction of this simple supply chain safety tool, there will be no excuses for bad impressions flowing through our ecosystem.

The Global Executive Vice President of GroupM, John Montgomery, commented saying that:

It will be a game-changer in establishing the kind of transparent, safe, market that advertisers seek from digital media.

You can read the news release on IAB’s website for more comments regarding the new ad industry development here.

Currently, the tool is open to the public for comment until 19 June 2017. Once this period has ended the developing company, IAB OpenRTB Working Group, will make adjustments and publish the final version.

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