How You Can Get on the Exclusive Google Ad Exchange ASAP

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Last updated: August 12, 2022 | by Kean Graham
How You Can Get on the Exclusive Google AdExchange ASAP

This post was most recently updated on August 12th, 2022

Publishers need to pass a lot of requirements to be eligible for Google Ad Exchange. First, you must become a preferred publisher. You must have at least 5 million page views per month, no blemishes on your record with Google, family-friendly content, and a minimum of 10 million ad impressions per month running through Google AdSense at least for 6 months.

How You Can Get on the Exclusive Google Ad Exchange ASAP MonitizeMoreThis is only to get access to the ‘Custom Search Ads’ that allows you to serve ads of any size with many new customizable capabilities and a dedicated Google ad representative.

Preferred publisher status doesn’t necessarily get you access to Google Ad Exchange, though. Some preferred publishers don’t even qualify. Google goes through a list of requirements to determine the viability of giving publishers access to Google Ad Exchange. If you rank high on the below list of requirements, then you will most likely receive access. However, if you don’t, then you’re stuck with AdSense just like everybody else. Google looks at the following.

#1 – Does the publisher have a high percentage of non-text ads?

#2 – Does the publisher have channel conflict with their direct sales team?

#3 – Does the publisher run a large volume of over 10,000,000 ad impressions through Google AdSense?

#4 – Does the publisher use Google Ad Manager to serve their ads?

#5 – Does the publisher have an aesthetically pleasing website conducive to big brand advertising?

#6 – Is the publisher is a lucrative vertical that yields a high average cost per click?

#7 – Has the publisher been running Google AdSense for many years?

#8 – Is the site easy to navigate with no downtime as much as possible?

#9 – Is the site free from bots or non-human traffic, and free from fraudulent activities? I

f your answer is “yes” to all the above answers and you’re a preferred publisher, then you’re probably already running Google Ad Exchange. If not, you should hear from a Google ad representative soon. If you answered no to some of the questions, you might not be eligible to run Google Ad Exchange.

The reason Google makes their Ad Exchange so exclusive is because they reserve it only for their big brand advertisers that pay premium prices. If you’re not using Google Ad Exchange right now, that’s what you’re missing out on.

AdSense vs Ad Exchange

What if your site happens to perform better on Google AdSense? It doesn’t matter. Google AdSense is a subset of the Google Ad Exchange. Google Ad Exchange includes all of Google AdSense (AdWords) and much, much more. Google Ad Exchange can only offer better CPMs than you’re getting from Google AdSense because its engine will choose the highest paying advertisers. When a system has all the same advertisers, plus many more big brand advertisers, you’re going to get higher CPMs.

When you have a large or high traffic site, your better option is Ad Exchange. With a significant amount of ad impressions, ads tend to respond well with optimization strategies using the Ad Exchange features not available in AdSense (e.g. Unified Pricing Rules, Private Marketplace Deals).

What if you don’t meet all the requirements for joining Ad Exchange?

Google has now introduced the Scaled Partner Management program. This program allows trusted publisher networks, like Monetize More, to manage Google Ad Exchange on behalf of online publishers. This program is only available to large representative firms with close and trusted relationships with Google. These include companies like MonetizeMore that manages many publisher networks with huge traffic volumes.

This means we can offer access to Google Ad Exchange to publishers who cannot apply for Google Ad Exchange by themselves. You can reap the fruits of Google Ad Exchange without jumping through all the hoops. Even better, you get the technology and expertise of MonetizeMore to optimize Google Ad Exchange for you, which will result in even higher CPMs.

Here’s what you get when working with MonetizeMore

#1 – MonetizeMore will manipulate CPM minimums, disable under-performing categories, buyers, and ad networks.

#2 – We will position Google Ad Exchange in your ad server in the most optimal way possible, optimizing your ad inventory constantly.

#3 – We perform a full site-wide check to ensure you’re fully compliant with Google policies and not at risk in any way.

#4 – We run exclusive and innovative features like Traffic Cop, where we detect and prevent invalid traffic from seeing and clicking on your ads. This dramatically reduces revenue clawbacks and reduces the risk of losing your ad accounts.

#5 – At all times with MonetizeMore, you can see your stats through our unified reporting software called PubGuru.

#6 – We can bring in more demand by having your site approved by premium advertisers accessible through Private Marketplaces only.

#7 – We can setup Open Bidding, Google’s server to server bidding integration

#8 – We are on call via email and chat support 24/7 to provide the support you need.

How to get started?

MonetizeMore is a Google Certified Publisher Partner and has helped hundreds of publishers optimize their ad inventory. Are you ready to take your ad revenue to the next level and join Google Ad Exchange? Sign up for Google Ad Exchange here today!

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